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Pet Gift Box Review, July 2015 + $5.00 Discount!

Reviewing the July Pet Gift Box was not in the plan since I rarely review boxes two months in a row. But the contents of the current box are just so darn cute, this box really deserves some attention.  My pup Tucker and I have tried several of the dog boxes now and we both agree that none of them compare to Pet Gift Box. These boxes always have a great theme, the products are top quality and the quantity is more than you get with any other box.

If Tucker were given a small budget and told to build his own subscription box, I'm pretty sure he'd come up with something like this meat-themed box.  If this box doesn't appeal to your dog, you might need to take him or her to the vet.  (I don't care how enlightened you are; your dog is NOT a vegan!)

The information card introduces the "Bark-B-Que!" theme, lists each item and gives its retail price.

This extremely realistic looking cheeseburger ("Burger Buddy") comes from Photo Reel.  It is a chew toy with an enticing crinkly sound when it's played with or chewed.  Squeeze a bit harder and there is a squeaker inside.  (Retail $6.99)

This is an old fashioned steak squeaky toy from Amazing Pet Products.  It has a loud squeak and looks real enough to keep your pup entertained for a while.  This one is not for the most enthusiastic chewers though; Tucker could de-squeak this in about 30 seconds!  (Retail $4.99)

We both like the treats that come in Pet Gift Boxes.  Tucker likes the way they taste and I like the quality.  These Hot Dog Treats from Nathan's are all beef and made in the U.S.A. Tucker is especially happy that he always gets full sized bags of treats. (Retail $7.99)

The most fun and creative additions to this box are three nutritional condiments from Petchup.  These are flavored liquids that add taste and interest to any food...really important for dogs like Tucker who don't like dry food.  There is "Bark B-Q", "Petchup" and "Muttstard".  They all contain Omega 3, 6 and 9, glucosamine and prebiotic. They are also gluten free and low calorie.  (Retail $8.97)

It wouldn't be a meat box without sausages (with smiling faces) on a rope!  This is a toss and tug toy, probably the one Tucker will most enjoy from this box.  (He brings a tug toy to me at least once a day, insisting on a game of fetch combined with "try to take it away from me".) (Retail $5.99)

The second big bag of treats is called Grill-icious All-Natural Chicken Treats.  These are round cookie-shaped treats made with chicken and sweet potato...already a huge hit with Tucker!  (Retail $5.99)

Do you see why I felt compelled to review this box?  Tucker and I have received a lot of different dog subscription boxes but Pet Gift Box consistently sends the one we both most look forward to receiving. The combined retail of this box is $40.92.  The box costs $27.99 on a month to month basis but you can get significant discounts for longer subscriptions, particularly for the annual term, which is only $17.99 a month.  If you've shopped for dog toys and treats lately, you know that's an absolute steal.

O.K., off my soapbox.  Suffice it to say...if you're looking for a dog or cat subscription box, I highly recommend Pet Gift Box.  Click here for a $5 discount off your first box.  Your dog deserves it.  So do you!

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