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Yumvelope All Natural Food & Snacks Review, May 2015

Yumvelope's mission is to send "real food created by real people".  In each box, you get at least six full sized snacks from small batch artisans.  If you stick with any subscription beyond three months, they will add an extra item to your box.  (Great marketing tactic!)

The cost of a single Yumvelope box is $21 per month plus $3.00 per shipping.  If you subscribe on a monthly basis, it's $21 with free shipping.  You can also sign up for six months for $126 and get one free box. 

So, let's see what came in May's box!  There are three individual size snacks, two full size or multi-serving snacks and one very small (and very powerful) treat.

The information card is basic with a list of the items, brief descriptions and retail prices.

There is quite a bit of chocolate in this box; in fact, only one of the snacks does not contain chocolate.  The first item is a package containing two Gray Sea Salt Milk Caramels from Amella Caramels.  That name is sort of confusing to me but these are made with agave nectar, milk chocolate, cocoa butter and sea salt.  (In my opinion, sea salt is WAY too trendy lately; it's found in a lot of places it should not be...like on chocolate!)

Next is a big 9.75 oz. jar of Almond Coconut Chocolate Spread from Barefoot & Chocolate. This is an all natural spread which I think would be great on some of the rather plain vanilla cookies that I've received in other sub boxes recently.

I might be annoyed by how small this piece of Raw Chocolate Truffle from The Great Unbaked is (2 ins. in length) but I know from experience how powerful raw chocolate is.  This has so many politically correct food properties and is so bitter tasting that it's not something I would even attempt to consume in a larger size.  This is the kind of thing you should have in your backpack if you are prone to getting stranded in the wilderness for a few weeks!  

This Chia Protein Bar from Health Warrior is in the flavor Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt, which sounds promising.  The card mentions that chia has more omega-3 than salmon, more fiber than oatmeal and more protein than tofu.  This might be something else that would be good to have in your disaster preparedness kit! (Appearances are deceiving; this is almost three times the size of the raw chocolate piece above.)

"Hefty" is a good adjective when talking about cookies.  This one is called "The Handmade Really Healthy Satisfying All Natural Cookie" from Morning Sunshine Kitchen.  The flavor is Dark Chocolate & Flax and it looks quite filling. With 12 fat grams, this is not a great choice for the diet conscious but that also means it's probably very tasty.

Last is a 4 oz. (3 serving) package of Maple Cinnamon Madness from What-A-Ya Nuts?! These are all natural nut clusters described as tasting like "the top of Grandma's coffee cake".  The nuts are almonds, cashews and pepitas.

This box also included an information flyer for The Great Unbaked (the source of the raw chocolate bar) and a $1 off coupon for Health Warrior, the chia bar maker.

This was a pretty typical Yumvelope box.  I liked the emphasis on chocolate and particularly the two larger snacks (the nut clusters and chocolate spread).  If you've tried many snack subscriptions, you know that they tend to feature either unapologetic junk food or annoyingly virtuous (and correspondingly tasteless) health food.  With snacks that are, for the most part, tasty and also more or less healthy, I think Yumvelope does a nice job of walking the fine line between those two extremes.  

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