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Orange Glad Sweet Box Gourmet Desserts Review, June 2015 + $10 Discount Code!

The only food box I've found that consistently sends quality artisan sweets and baked desserts is Orange Glad.  This one presents a bit of a "happy problem" for me. Fresh baked foods deteriorate quickly. They can't just wait around in one's snack pipeline. (The information brochure even provides a "Best by date" for each item; most are less than two weeks, a few must be eaten within a couple of days.)  They also can't wait for the next box full of treats being shipped off to family members in other cities.  Poor me!

Believe it or not, this photo is positioned absolutely straight on the page.  Interesting optical illusion, huh?

If you check some of my old Orange Glad reviews, you can see that their boxes have gotten much smaller over the past few months.  The box above is probably half the size of the original Orange Glad box.  Those were beautifully packaged but did contain a lot of filler material which I'm sure was expensive to ship.  You get about the same amount of product now; it's just more compactly boxed.

A full color brochure tells everything you'd want to know about each product, including how soon you need to eat it. The "Sweet Box" on the left contains three baked items, one of which we've seen before.

The repeat is the "Luscious Lemon Bar" from the Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. in Camarillo, CA.  This decadent lemony bar is made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives.  It first appeared in Orange Glad's June 2014 box. This is one of those things that has to be consumed immediately.  I'll take one for the team!

Next is a package containing three Raspberry-Matcha cookie sandwiches from The Baking Bean in Brooklyn, NY.  The cookie pairs are very thin with pieces of raspberries in them and a matcha green tea ganache in the center.  Very interesting flavor combination!

The third baked good is a package of two Italian Jelly Filled Linzer from Cookies con Amore in Vista, CA.  These very delicate buttery cookies contain notes of vanilla and almond and have a delicious strawberry (raspberry?) filling.  I'm not normally a fan of jams and jellies used in baking but these are absolutely delicious.

Although I like them, I'm getting a little tired of caramels in sub boxes.  I get it...they're durable, easily available, won't fall apart during shipping and aren't subject to fast expiration.  And most people like them!  Enough whining.  This little box contains four Salted Beer & Pretzel Caramels from Becky's Blissful Bakery in Pewaukee, WI.  These soft vanilla caramels are infused with organic beer and pretzel pieces, then topped with a sprinkle of sea salt (another thing I'm tired of when it comes to candy and sweets). Despite my complaining, these are spectacular caramels!

The piece de resistance in this box is definitely the Cookies & Cream Crispycake from The Crispery in Little Rock, AR.  (The information leaflet says this is in AK but I don't think this store even exists in that state.)  This thing is a Rice Krispy treat on steroids! It's about 3.5" square and 2" tall, a real whopper! In the center is a layer of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies with a whole one embedded in the top. Beyond sinful!

That's all for June's Orange Glad box. The Sweet Box is $15 per month plus $4 shipping. A better deal is their Double Box for $27 plus $4 shipping. You will have an opportunity to indicate flavor preferences to help them curate your box but I don't think there are any guarantees. They ship during the first week of each month so if you sign up now, you'll get July's box. If interested, click here for a $10 discount on a new subscription. 

Orange Glad also has a wonderful Marketplace that carries all the items mentioned in this review plus MANY more from past boxes. Use code SHOPSWEET for a 15% discount there.

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