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Candy Club Review, May 2015 + $20 First Box Discount!

It had to happen.  I have resisted Candy Club from the moment I heard about them.  But I am only human.  And I'm going to give most of this away.  Right? RIGHT? Of course I will! Well, the hefty three pound box arrived on my doorstep FOUR days after placing my order. Wisely, they are not leaving any opportunity for dietary regrets!  

Candy Club searches high and low for unusual and hard to find candies to include in their monthly boxes.  Boxes may also include some nostalgic classics.  A quick look at the candies shown on their site reveals a whole bunch of sugary, stretchy, fruity, sour, gummy and chewy chocolate at all.  (Just warning you up front!)  

The boxes generally contain three good sized signature containers, each with one type of bulk candy inside.  In addition, there will probably be some kind of individual wrapped candies tossed around inside the box.  If Candy Club is running a promotion, there may be an extra type of candy in the box.  My box contained just what I expected:

The containers are nice; they have see-through sides so you can see what you're getting. The top is like the lid on a paint can; you have to pry it up to get inside. (Just try and stop me from getting at what's inside.)  These containers are not marked as to their contents. For that, you have to rely on the information card.  Let's face it; if you're going to obsess over nutritional information, this is NOT the subscription for you!

There is also a "Welcome to Candy Club" card with contact information, which I assume is for the first box only.

There is a considerable amount of salt water taffy scattered about the box.  This is quite soft and not sticky.  I love the cotton candy I've never tasted in taffy before. Also love the beautiful pale blue color. These are quickly disappearing.

Aside from dark chocolate and nuts, dark chocolate and mint and all other forms of dark chocolate (sensing a pattern here?), I'm not a big candy eater so most of the candy in this box is fairly new to me.  (except the taffy)  A lot of the reviews I watched and read expressed great love for these Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts. These are sugar dusted tart cherry strips; they are a bit sour for me, but I can see the appeal.

Next is a tub of Gimbal's Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans.  There are a LOT of jelly beans here and I would have been thrilled if they had not been sour.  These are made with real fruit juice and come in 12 flavors which include, blueberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, cherry, apple, mango, strawberry, lime, grape, lemon, tangerine and watermelon.  I love the diversity of flavors but the sour....not so much.

The third container is full of Haribo's Gummi Techno Bears. These are in all different "techno" colors and come in cherry, sour raspberry and apple.

I'm just gonna say it. The concept here is great. The quality of the candy is very good. The quantity you get is fantastic. The problem is that you can't (yet, anyway) customize the boxes.  Two of these containers are full of sour candy and the third container is one third full of sour candy.  That's a BIG taste risk to send out to the general public.  I've seen some complaints about that on their Facebook page and I'm betting they've received a lot more in private.  I believe this is a young company and if they are not yet set up to handle individual preferences, they should at least send a wide enough taste range so as not to alienate customers who don't like one type of candy or another.

If you would like to try Candy Club, they have three different price plans.  There is a $6.00 shipping charge on every box but at a full three pounds, I doubt that begins to cover the actual shipping cost.

Month to month - $27.99
Six months - $22.99 (pre-pay and get an additional 10% off)
Twelve months - $19.99 (pre-pay and get an additional 15% off)

Use code twitter20 or 20wonder to get $20 off your first box. Other discount codes that have been floating around are Awesome15 for $15 off the first box and 10offwelcome or 20crush for $10 off the first box. Of course, sign up for their mailing list for any special offers or discounts they may send.

Because of the significant savings for the longer terms, I signed up for the six month plan. Now I'm worried I may get a deluge of sour candy, which is definitely not my favorite. Hopefully, they will address this problem long before my subscription is up. If not, friends, neighbors and relatives beware....a lot of sour candy is headed your way!

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