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Bare Minerals Bare Escentuals Beauty Surprise Collection Review, May 2015

Every once in a while, Bare Minerals (or "bareMinerals", as they like to be called) makes a mystery beauty collection available.  The value is typically quite high compared to the price so it is well worth keeping an eye out for this promotion.  I'm not sure whether to call this a bareMinerals promotion or a bareEscentuals promotion as I've never clearly understood the relationship between those two. Suffice it to say, those two names are closely linked.

Judging from the timing of other reviews, it looks like these boxes come out roughly two or three times a year.  The most recent one was priced at $45 with a retail value of $188.  We were told only that it would be an 11 pc. collection.  With a value multiple like that, it isn't surprising that the mystery boxes sell out within a few hours.  If you want to be at the head of the line for the next box, I strongly advise signing up for their e-mail list

I think of bareMinerals as a mid-range cosmetic line.  Since I'm much more likely to pick up inexpensive drug store brands, the cost of their products usually scares me away.  But taking advantage of the opportunity to get 11 mostly full-sized items for $45 is a no brainer.  So, here's what was in the May box:

This collection seemed to be more about subtlety and definition and less about intense or bold color.  Sometimes beauty surprise boxes contain pretty strange or "out there" products; happily that was not the case here.  The first product is a gorgeous luminizer duo.  This is from their "Ready" line and contains the shades "The Love Affair" and "The Shining Moment". These shades are very natural and contain just a hint of shimmer.  (Retail $24)

Next is the 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Mineral Veil Finishing Powder with SPF 20.  At .21 oz., this one is a bit smaller than full size but still enough to last me a very long time. It is a sheer and finely milled powder with a sifting tray to make sure you get the finest possible consistency.  The one I received is transparent with just a hint of warm pink. (Retail about $21)

This is a full size "Big & Bright" eyeliner in the shade "Espresso".  This is a creamy eyeliner pencil that glides on smoothly and has a smudge tip on one end. (Retail $14)

One product I'd never heard of is the "Skin Rev-er Upper" from bareVitamins.  This is used underneath foundation to create the smoothest possible surface.  It works like a daily multivitamin supplement to rejuvenate skin.  This one is a luxury sample size so the price is an estimate.  (Retail $9)

This double ended tool has a buffer brush on one end and a concealer brush on the other. The compact size would make this great for travel and the two brush shapes would take care of most face needs, except for applying eyeshadow.  I believe I have received this same brush 2 or 3 times in various subscription boxes! (Estimated retail is $18)

There are two "Whipped Velvet" cream eyeshadows in the box; one is in the shade "Deep Sky" and the other is "Rich Olive".  These are rich and creamy matte eyeshadows that were introduced last fall.  They are said to have a velvety mousse-like texture that is easy to blend. (Estimated retail $14 x 2 = $28)

bareMinerals is known for their gorgeous sleek black cases.  There were two of them in this box; the Luminizer Duo above and this translucent Touch Up Veil with SPF 15 from their "Ready" line. The idea is to diffuse imperfections and reduce shine, leaving an airbrushed finish. This sample size would be great for on-the-go corrections. (Estimated retail $10)

This lipstick in its stunning brushed gold case was somewhat of an enigma to me.  I could not get the thing open!  Finally figured out you have to press on the button, then push down...a lipstick case mechanism I've never encountered before.  Out popped this universally flattering shade of pink called "Dim the Lights" from their "Marvelous Moxie" collection. (Retail $18)

This gold topped pot contains a very silky and lightweight mineral blush in a pretty pink shade called "Sweet Romance".  (Retail $20)

The last product is Natural Light Face Lifting Duo which contains two finely milled translucent mineral powders designed for highlighting and lifting.  "Well-Lit" diffuses shadows and "Back-Lit" lifts the eye area above the brows and high on the cheeks. Great excuse to brush up on contouring skills! (Retail $26)

In doing the research for this post, I found that none of these products are currently available on the bareMinerals website nor most of their retail outlets. The eyeshadows were clearly last season's colors so I'm guessing that bareMinerals uses the Surprise Box to clear out any remaining past season stock.  In this case, that means getting $188 worth of product for just $45 so I'm not complaining!  With the exception of the two eyeshadows, I think all these products are appropriate for year-round use.  

One thing I liked about this box was being introduced to some state of the art cosmetic technology via a couple of new-to-me product types, like the Luminizer Duo and the Touch Up Veil.  Due to lack of familiarity, these are products I probably would not have purchased on my own so this is a great way to try them out.

Don't forget to put your name on bareEscentuals mailing list so you'll be the first to hear when the next Surprise Box becomes available.  If the past is any indicator, we can probably expect one in the fall.

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