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Clean Bar Box Review, June 2015 + $5 and 10% Discount Codes!

The most delightful scent wafted out of my post office box the other day.  The locker contained several items but when I saw my first Clean Bar Box, I knew which one was responsible!   Clean Bar Box sends amazing smelling soaps that are 100% vegan and free of all the "undesirables" (petroleum products, preservatives, parabens, etc.) They choose scents that reflect the month or season.  For June, they sent clean, happy and refreshing scents, all of which mingled together to create the incredible smell that greeted my nose last week!

Since different households consume different amounts of soap per month, Clean Bar Box offers monthly and bi-monthly subscription options. There are discounts for longer term subscriptions and shipping is free within the U.S.

Half Bar Sampler Box (monthly) - contains four 2.5 oz. bars - $14.99
Monthly Large Box (monthly) - contains two 5 oz. bars and two 2.5 oz. bars - $19.99
Every Other Month Large Box (bi-monthly) - contains two 5 oz. bars and two 2.5 oz. bars - $19.99

This review is for the Monthly Large Box which came in a medium-sized branded box.

The smell just got better and better as I opened the box.  Here's the first peek inside:

The pink note contains a hand written message welcoming me (very nice touch!) and there is a sheet of paper that tells about each of the soaps in this box.

The two 5 oz. (full size) soaps are packaged in cardboard boxes and the two 2.5 oz. soaps (half size) are in drawstring muslin bags...all very eco-friendly!

The first small soap is "Cotton Blossom"; I absolutely love this scent!  It smells like clean, fresh laundry...only better.  I am considering slicing this up and using small pieces to scent various dresser drawers; it's that good.

The second small soap is "Cucumber Melon" another very fresh and clean scent. (We really need Smell-a-Blog right now!)  The color combination is dark green swirled with white (my camera washed out the color; it's actually a much deeper shade of green).

This 5 oz. soap is called "Blueberry Scrub" and it does smell exactly like fresh, fruity blueberries...maybe even better.  This soap contains sea salt and oatmeal which is why it's called a scrub bar.  Again, my camera failed the color; it's actually a deep dark blueberry blue...very pretty!

The second big soap is "Summer Citrus" and it's a bright mix of lemonade, oranges and key lime pie.  This would be a wonderful invigorating morning wake-up soap!

I have tried several soap subscriptions and usually the reason I cancel is that the scents are too herbal or medicinal smelling; sometimes, they are downright unpleasant.  That is not the case here.  These soaps have amazing (some delicious!) scents and I'm sure they will add a wonderful (not overwhelming) scent to the bathroom.  

By the way, I weighed all these soaps and they do weigh 2.5 oz. or 5 oz. each, as promised. (I've found that to be a problem with a couple of boxes in the past.)  If you've bought any artisan soaps lately, you know how expensive they are.  At $19.99, this box is a real bargain. Since I signed up for a multi-month subscription and used a discount code, this box cost me just $16.50.  The value, as well as the quality, is clear! 

If you want to try any of these soaps individually, you can buy them a la carte in the Clean Bar Shop.  If you just want to check out Clean Bar Box, you can also purchase a non-renewing box which contains two full size bars and two half size bars in the current month's scents. At the moment, I also see a Men's Soap Gift Box in their store which I bet would make a terrific gift.

If you're ready to jump right in, use code FIRST5 or 5OFF for $5 off your first order. Also, the code CLEAN10 is good for a 10% discount which may be a better deal depending on the subscription term and box size you choose.  You can also use FIRSTBOX for a $3 discount.

I am beyond happy with my first Clean Bar Box...can't wait to see what they send next month.  Check out this company; you won't be disappointed!


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