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Serendipity by Little Lace Box Review, June 2015

Since Little Lace Box changed to a bi-monthly subscription service in April, I certainly wasn't expecting anything from them in early June.  Then, out of the blue, a red metallic bubble mailer arrived containing a few completely unexpected items.  An enclosed letter introduced this little windfall as "Serendipity from LLB", meaning an unforeseen nice surprise. That it certainly was!

The letter went on to explain that these items are things that don't exactly fit the theme of the current Little Lace Box or that they couldn't get enough of to fulfill their quantity needs. So they decided to introduce a pouch containing 5 to 7 sample or full size items that are nice to have, but not themed in any way.  The plan is to send out "Serendipity by LLB" on the Little Lace Box off-months.  The best part of this is that there is no cost to current LLB subscribers!  It sounds like they do plan to charge for this new service eventually but for the time being, we should just relax and enjoy our good fortune!

OK, thank you LLB, I'm on board!  Let's see what Serendipity brought this month.  First is a full size lip liner from Ofra in a deep plum shade.  I will save this for the fall but it is a lovely color. (Retail $12.95)

This very dark looking lip gloss is also from Ofra in the shade "Bordeaux", which perfectly matches the lip liner.  This gives a sheer, non-sticky color and is also a full size product. (Retail $12.95)

A third cosmetic from Ofra is this eyebrow pencil which is in a "Universal" color that works for any eyebrow shade. Eyebrow pencils haven't been common in subscription boxes so I'm glad to get this one. (Retail $12.95)

There is a two capsule sample of Brode Electrolyte Vitamins, whose purpose is to replace lost electrolytes and maintain hydration.  These are recommended for situations where you can get dehydrated, like riding in airplane cabins, exercising or drinking alcohol.

They included a really cute greeting card from Bella Ink with the modestly stated sentiment "You are pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of forever" on the front!  I bet we all know someone who should receive a card like this from us.

That's all in the Serendipity pouch.  Since the three cosmetic items alone are worth $38.85 and I paid NOTHING, this is pretty much the ultimate subscription perk.  I don't know how much longer Little Lace Box can keep this up but I'm guessing they won't get a single complaint about this one!

If you want to get in on Serendipity by LLB while it lasts, check out their site here. Since Serendipity is a benefit of a subscription to Little Lace Box, you won't see a place to sign up for it specifically, but you can purchase the individual products included in this pouch.  The theme for the upcoming Little Lace Box is "Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy", which refers to Jane Austen's novel "Pride and Prejudice".  In a screen obsessed culture, I think it will be interesting to see how Little Lace Box interprets this most classic of literature!

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