Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sockflow Sock Subscription Review, November 2015 + 25% Discount Code!

If you have subscribed to beauty sub boxes for any length of time, you're probably aware of the tremendous cosmetics innovation originating from South Korea...a subject that deserves its own blog post! So it did not surprise me to find that really great socks are also headed our way from that part of the world. Sockflow is a brand new subscription featuring South Korean branded socks for men, women and children.

Sockflow offers several subscription options:

$20 for 2 pairs of men's or women's fashion socks ($25 for 3 pairs)
$25 for 2 pairs of men's or women's wool socks ($30 for 3 pairs)
$30 for 2 pairs of men's premium dress socks ($40 for 3 pairs)

They also have options for baby and kid socks.  Shipping is free for all plans.  The socks you get will be a surprise but they make an effort to send a variety of colors and patterns in the size you choose.  The brands will likely be new to you as they are all from South Korea.

There's always a bit of extra intrigue when a subscription comes from outside the U.S. This pretty purple package with its South Korean shipping label got my attention!

It has been my experience that products from South Korea often include a cuteness factor not seen in similar U.S. goods.  My two pairs of socks were in a little see through plastic bag with a puppy on the front.

Here are the two pairs of socks that were inside...both cute and unexpected!

The brand name of the Stars & Stripes themed pair is "Socks the Language" which is written across the bottom of each foot.  This pair is red with navy at the top with white stars.  Most of the writing on the back is in Korean so I can't read the fabric content but they have a substantial feel with quite a bit of stretch to them.

The second pair is more whimsical.  They are pale pink with yellow heels and toes and feature a pattern of tiny cheese cake slices.  These socks are branded "Deli Socks" and are made of 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% elastane.  There is actually a pattern name..."Cherry Cheese Cake" on the label.

My sock drawer has enjoyed a major overhaul since sock subscriptions emerged a couple of years ago.  I have become a big fan of the bold colors and whimsy that these companies make available.  I try not to think about all those years wasted with plain, black, blue, brown and white socks!  

If you're ready to up your sock game, Sockflow has a great incentive.  Use the code LAUNCHDISCOUNT for 25% off your first order.  Sockflow sends a fun variety of quality socks and's just cool to get purple packages from South Korea!

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