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GradBin College Subscription Review, December 2015 + 25% Discount Code!

There is a new college subscription box in town....GradBin!  They are just getting started and have the unique advantage of being run by two ladies who are actual college students. They get the stresses of campus life; GradBin boxes are packed with delicious treats and little surprises that any college student would appreciate. And for the record, a lot of non or former college students who need a monthly boost will enjoy this box too!

GradBin sends products sourced from small startup companies as well as name brands. Each box contains 5 to 7 hand picked surprises. You can send a gift subscription, send yourself a subscription or create your own a la carte box from The Grad Shop. Any order of $29.95 or greater gets shipping for just $1....yep, just one measly buck. The following subscription plan options and monthly price equivalents are shown below:

Month to month - $29.95

Three month prepay - $84.95 ($28.32)
Six month prepay - $164.95 ($27.49)
Twelve month prepay - $319.95 ($26.66)

My December GradBin arrived in a medium sized box with a logo label on top.

Inside I found quite a few delicious looking snacks and four items that would make your favorite college student's life a bit easier.

This logo mug is the perfect size and has a double slotted handle that holds a little ceramic stirring spoon. The inside of the mug is an orangey yellow color and the spoon matches. Oddly enough, I have not seen a lot of mugs in sub boxes and I really like the cute "spoon" feature with this one!

This box contains quite a bit of chocolate, proof positive that the ladies behind this box are real college students!  There are two packets of All-Natural Pure Drinking Chocolate from ChocXO; these are tiny little bits that melt in warm milk.  Sounds decadent!

This little pot of Plaintain Lip Balm comes from The Craftsman Soap Company.  It's handmade and 100% all natural.  I've never seen a plantain-based lip product before (or beauty product of any kind, for that matter); the scent is very mild.

Love, love, LOVE getting interesting new teas in sub boxes.  Here we have four individual teas from Adagio, a company I'm not familiar with.  There is a nice assortment containing a black tea (Masala Chai), a white tea (Blueberry White), an English Breakfast Tea and an herbal tea (Chamomile).  Although I drink ice tea year round, there's just something so soothing about a hot cup of tea in cold weather!

This little purse sized notebook comes from an Etsy shop.  It has a stamped tree design on the front and blank pages inside.

There are four bite size pieces of chocolate from ChocoXO. Two are milk chocolate with espresso and the other two are 70% cacao dark chocolate.  Diplomatically chosen and soon to disappear!

Here is a foil pack containing Chocolate Cinnamon Gourmet Mints from Project 7; these are all natural and sugar free. 

There is one bonus item in the box which is also my favorite!  It's a 4 GB memory stick with GradBin's logo on it.  This is so useful and I've already got a job in mind for it.

If you order a GradBin before the 21st of the month, you'll get that month's box. Order after that date and get the next month's box.  The owners seem quite flexible about assembling boxes on the fly if you need a rush or special order.  They can also accommodate special needs, allergies or religious restrictions.  GradBins are gender neutral so they are appropriate for a male or a female.

I was quite impressed with this box. It was nicely packaged and the items were of good quality and were things with broad appeal.  I particularly liked the mug/spoon set and the memory stick, both extremely useful items.  The curation was nicely rounded out with the tea assortment, lip balm and chocolate treats....all in all, a great first box!

GradBin has offered a great discount to my readers!  Click here and use code LONESTAR at checkout to get a 25% discount on any subscription or custom box. The savings are significant when you sign up for the longer terms.  The code can also be used for a one time box, where you assemble your own GradBin!

Just one complaint...where were boxes like this when I was in college?!?


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was received complimentary for review purposes.  Post does not contain affiliate or referral links.

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