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Flicker & Flame Candle Subscription Review, December 2015 + $10 Discount Code!

There's something about this time of year that just demands a great candle.  When the weather is miserable, things are hectic or one is experiencing a serious case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a candle somehow makes it all better.  Candles are particularly nice mood setters in rooms that don't have fireplaces and there's not much that can improve on a candle lit bath.  Of course, there are zillions of options but one that you may not know about is Flicker & Flame, a subscription service that sends limited edition, custom scented soy candles.

When signing up, you complete a 30 second quiz about your scent preferences and candle burning motivation.  Your responses allow them to come up with a custom candle scent that you're likely to love!  (Trust me on that.)  You get one handmade 10 oz. candle each month with a burn time of more than 40 hours.  Candles are shipped around the 26th of each month so candles arrive around the first of the following month.

This subscription is $25 per month.  You can get substantial discounts by taking advantage of their gift subscription options.  Three months is $70 ($23.33), six months is $125 ($20.83) and a full year is $225 ($18.75).  These artisan candles come in beautiful gift quality boxes with extra tags.  (Quite handy to keep around for use as last minute gifts!)

My December Flicker & Flame candle arrived in a small branded white box via USPS Priority mail.

Inside is a gift quality black box with a deep lid tied with gold organza ribbon.

The decorative tag under the bow says "December" on one side and identifies the candle scent "Holiday Cookies" on the other side.

Just look at this elegant black glass container with the Flicker & Flame emblem in gold and a festive sprig of holly on one side!  Love!  This candle has an intense fresh baked cookie scent, an intoxicating blend of sugar cookies and all things good and sweet in a holiday kitchen. 

One way to judge a quality candle is by its scent throw or the extent to which it scents the room.  Although soy can be difficult to scent, in my experience, Flicker & Flame candles really perform with a noticeable scent that subtly elevates a room's atmosphere.  These are definitely not your typical big box store candles.

Flicker & Flame is featuring a special holiday sampler pack this month for $45.  It contains four 7 oz. soy-blend candles in lovely custom scents that represent each season.  I can't imagine a nicer gift!

If you would like to subscribe to Flicker & Flame, use code SmellGreat for $10 off your first box.  I'm pretty sure you'll be as charmed by these lovely candles as I am!

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