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Terra Bella Box (Bath & Beauty Products) Review, October 2015 + $3 Discount Code!

It takes just three little words to get me to sign up for a new subscription box (besides FREE and CHOCOLATE, I mean).  Those three words are "handmade bath and beauty".  OK, that's four words.  Whatever.  Terra Bella Box debuted a couple of months ago and the reviews have been plentiful and positive.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who is quick to whip out the wallet when it comes to great bath and beauty stuff!

Terra Bella Box sends five or six small batch natural products each month. They also offer the smaller Terra Bella Box Lite which includes two or three items per month. You can get a month to month subscription for either box and a 3, 6 or 12 month term for the regular box only.  Here are the rates with the monthly equivalent prices shown in parentheses:

Terra Bella Box

Month to month - $37.95
3 Mo. Prepay - $107.84 ($35.95)
6 Mo. Prepay - $209.67 ($34.95)
12 Mo. Prepay - $395.34 ($32.95)

Terra Bella Box Lite

Month to month - $17.95

Terra Bella also offers a Trial box containing four to six products for $24.00.  You can purchase this on a one time basis to try out the products.

Boxes ship on or before the 15th of each month.  If you sign up before the 22nd of the month, you'll get that month's box. Otherwise, you'll get the next month's box. I signed up on the 27th so received the next month's box (October).  This leafy green print box arrived quickly by USPS Priority mail.

Everything was beautifully packaged in forest green tissue paper.  Since I had used the code TBBFREEBIE, they included one additional item in the box.

A postcard sized information card gives the name of each product, what it is, its retail value and a web address if you want to obtain more.

The free item is the biggest item in the box, the blue bottle of Goat's Milk & Honey Lotion from Robbins Essentials.  This has a list of organic natural ingredients which includes goat's milk, honey and oatmeal.  This is for use on the hands and body and is said to have anti-aging and antibacterial properties.

A tiny little pot labeled "Hex Potions" contains loose mineral eyeshadow in the shade "Apparition".  It's hard to tell but this looks like a steely gray shade with a bit of shimmer.

There is a second tiny little eyeshadow pot from Blackbird Cosmetics.  This one is a beautiful pale dusty pink color called "Immortals".  Both of these are quite usable colors that look like they'd work well together.

Two small cards contain information about the eyeshadows.

Next is a small bar of Gravenstein Apple Clove soap from Soap Cauldron. This handcrafted soap has an intense cinnamon, clove and apple scent...really gets one in the mood for fall! There are many other amazing soap scents on their websiteincluding a couple that involve dark chocolate! (Surprisingly for small batch handcrafted items, the prices look quite reasonable.)

Another little pot contains Whipped Lip Butter from Live Beautifully.  This is in a delicious seasonal scent called Pumpkin & Vanilla.  It is a different consistency than I've ever seen for a lip product and is quite messy to apply but it does smell good enough to eat.

This bottle of toner contains ONLY lemon juice and witch hazel.  It's made by Bare Bones Body Care which has a slightly offputting (to me, anyway) skull and crossbones logo. This skin brightening toner is described as "a breath mint for your face".  

The last item is a little container of Dead Sea Mud Mask from Batty's Bath. The ingredient label shows only Maris Limus Black Mud, which is dead sea mud. Nothing else. I'm a little intimidated by this one but will give it a try. No one can argue that it's not natural!

That's everything in the October box. It's interesting that four of the vendors represented have Halloween-related names (Batty's Bath, Soap Cauldron, Hex Potions and Bare Bones Body Care).  I'm sure that's why they were chosen so it will be interesting to see if future Terra Bella boxes are just as seasonally appropriate. My two favorite products in this box are the soap and the lotion.  The eyeshadows are really pretty but since I don't use eyeshadow, I'll be gifting those.  The lip butter is inventive but the scent is strong and it seems to wear off quickly. I like the ingredients in the toner and am intrigued with the mud mask. All in all, very nice first box!

If you're interested in trying Terra Bella Box, click here and use code LONESTAR for $3 off the monthly subscription price.  (This code will only work on the regular size Terra Bella box, not the Terra Bella Lite box.) If you enjoy handcrafted natural bath and body products, you'll love this box!


P. S.  Although there is not much information on their website, I noticed that they also have a Limited Edition Winter 2015 box shipping in December for $65. There aren't many details except that the box will contain more items with a higher retail value than the regular box.

Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.

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