Friday, October 2, 2015

Bath Time Box Review, September 2015 + 15% Discount Code!

The theme for September's Bath Time Box is "Sweet Treats".  I don't know why desserts and bath products go so well together but trust me...they do!  This box has a few things in it that look good enough to eat.  (An aside...I recently bit down on a delicious looking truffle from a small box of chocolates I received in a subscription box.  Turns out they weren't chocolates.  They were wax tarts made to look and smell exactly like chocolates.  Lesson learned.)  No matter how pleasing to the senses, I won't be making that mistake again!  

Bath Time Box is a Canadian subscription.  The price is $29 per month with a small discount for a three or twelve month pre-pay.  Boxes are usually shipped during the last week of the month so this is typically the last subscription I receive each month. It's nice to be set for the month ahead with a box full of luxury bath products!

There are five great smelling products and an information sheet in September's box.

The information sheet is basic but provides everything you need to know about each item, including a full description, ingredient list and retail price. At the moment, I don't see these products for sale on the website but I'm hoping a la carte purchases will be an option in the future.

There is usually a slice of cold processed soap in the box, always in great new scents.  This one is an Oat, Milk & Honey bar; you can even see the oats on top.

Macaroons are not easy to come by where I live. These are actually little cases (not bath products as I originally thought) called the Lip Smacking Duo.  The lavender one contains a wonderful smelling lip balm and the pink one contains a luscious lip scrub in the same scent. These don't just LOOK good enough to eat; they almost ARE good enough to eat!  And the adorable cases are beyond cute.

This Jumbo Caramello Bath Bomb is the first thing I smelled in this box.  At a whopping 8 oz., this is going to be a multi-bath bomb for my tub.  It has an absolutely decadent coffee and chocolate caramel scent, very similar to my favorite morning cappuccino flavor.

This cute pale blue box is labeled simply "Tub Treats".  I wasn't sure what to expect but it contains two snowballs and one chocolate melt.  Just drop these in a hot bath and let them melt.  The snowballs have a toasted marshmallow scent and the chocolate melt is scented with cocoa.  Yum!

The last product is called Birthday Cake Moisture Whip and that's exactly what it smells like. This is whipped shea with just a hint of sparkle that provides hydration wherever your skin needs it.  (Note to BTB:  This is the product I'd most likely buy in the full size if it were available for individual purchase.)

This is my eighth Bath Time Box and I'm continually surprised at the amazing new products and scent combinations they keep coming up with.  I don't think I've seen any repeats at all. If anything, the products are getting more and more colorful and creative and even better smelling!  Of all the subscription box categories, bath and body products are my favorite and of the ones I've tried, Bath Time Box is consistently the best in terms of fun, quality and quantity.

If you're interested in trying Bath Time Box, I recommend one of the longer term subscriptions.  You'll save a little money and you're going to LOVE these products! Use code SUN15 for a 15% discount on a three month subscription.

I have a sudden craving for birthday cake, macaroons and cappuccino! Thanks for reading.


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