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Burke Box Home Decor (Floral and Fruit) Review, October 2015

Of all the subscription box categories, the one that seems to have the least competition is home decor.  (I'm not counting the really out there niches like jerky, survival gear, hair bows, boxers, beer, Legos, meat, diapers, ramen noodles, air filters and hot sauce. And no, I did not make those up; subscription boxes exist for ALL of them!)  Home decor is a broad category so I was curious to see what's out there in the way of sub boxes.

Burke Box is offered by Burke Decor, a lifestyle and home decor retail website.  Each box contains three or four full size items which are curated around three spa profiles (Cool and Fresh, Warm and Earthy, Floral and Fruit) or the Whole Home Box. The first three are $45 plus shipping and the last one is $55 plus shipping. Whether you order just one box or subscribe, the price per box is the same.  There is a delivery frequency option of one, two or three months if you subscribe. Shipping is $6 per box.

Since Burke Box doesn't give much information as to what you might get and since there is no multi-month discount option, I decided to start with just one box.  I chose the "Floral and Fruit" spa profile. The only clues were contained in this description:  "Love the scent arrangement of rose petals, honeyberry, citrus, wildberries and thyme flower.  Featuring powdery soft to bold and herbaceous hues, the Floral + Fruity box selection of products will keep your home blooming bright".  

My first Burke Box arrived quickly after ordering, showing up in about ten days.  

Inside the cardboard box was a black gift box, nice but not particularly high quality.

After removing a LOT of tissue paper, I came to three items which occupied less than half the box.  No information card of any kind...unexpected for a box in this price range. The three items all had beautiful and expensive looking exterior packaging.

The first item is a 3.38 oz. bottle of Lucia No. 1 Room Spray in Lindseed Flower and Goat Milk. (Goat milk?!?)  This is hard to describe but it's a very fresh and light scent; a little definitely goes a long ways.  This retails for $22 but is on sale on their site right now for $17.60.

Apotheke is a brand featured on Burke Decor's site. This soap is Rosewood with Vanilla. Rosewood essential oil is said to help reduce fine lines and vanilla is good for relaxing and reducing stress. Although not large, this is definitely a heavenly smelling gift quality soap! Retail $8

The third item is also from Apotheke; a 9.3 oz. candle inside this luxe drawstring canvas bag. The scent is Bamboo which I would describe as an intense floral, although the site calls it a fresh, grassy scent. This is a hand poured soy candle in a double old fashioned whiskey glass with a paper lid. With a retail price of $32, I would never be trying a candle like this outside of a subscription box!

The combined retail total of the three items I received is $62.  While that is definitely not the kind of value you'd get in a beauty box, it is pretty much what I expected from a home decor box.  On the plus side, the three items are all high end and very much gift quality. Any one of them would make a great Christmas or birthday present. I would like to have seen a little more value in the box; at least less tissue paper! Also, they really need to include an information card of some kind.

It's worth mentioning that Burke Decor has a points system that awards 1 point for every dollar you spend.  That applies to both a la carte purchases or Burke Boxes. When you earn 100 points, you get $10 off on their site, 200 points gets $20 off, etc.  I ended up with 45 points just from the purchase of this one box, a nice little incentive to keep shopping!

I really like the idea of this box and especially the quality of the items.  However, in reading through a number of reviews, it seems that the contents can be more or less appealing depending on personal preference, especially with the Whole Home Box.  So my strategy may be to wait a week or two after the first of the month, check reviews for the box I want, then decide whether or not to order.  They do say that every box is different, but the same month/same box reviews seem to be quite similar. Since there really isn't any price incentive to subscribe, this plan makes sense for me.

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