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FabFitFun VIP Gift Box Fall 2015 Review + $10 Discount!

If you like the idea of a lifestyle box but don't want to commit on a monthly basis (i.e. PopSugar), FabFitFun is a great alternative.  For $49.99, they send a quarterly box full of handpicked items that usually focus on beauty, fitness, fashion and home. Most of the products are full sized and many represent seasonal trends.  To save a little money, there is an option to pre-pay $179.99 for an annual subscription.  All plans auto renew.

For me, FabFitFun boxes are sometimes hit or miss but I have to say the Fall box is one of their very best to date.  Part of the reason is that subscribers were allowed to choose the color they would receive for three of the items.  I believe this is the first time FabFitFun has allowed any customization; let's hope that continues!

This box was crammed with fun products--two accessories, three beauty products, a fitness item and a tech item...all bases covered!  There was very little filler packaging; it was almost all substance this time.

For this box, FabFitFun partnered with Allstate Foundation's Purple Purse, a public awareness and fundraising campaign that works towards long term safety and security for domestic violence survivors.  They included a really nice purple and gold fringed charm that attaches to your purse to show support for ending domestic violence.  This is really well made and will add a fun pop of color and glitz to just about any purse.

One of the color choice items was a FabFitFun exclusive design umbrella from Tappan Collective.  Subscribers could choose Pretty in Pink, Sky Blue, Classic Black, Mango Tango or Sunshine Yellow.  At about 11" in length, this is a nice portable size and comes with a cover.

Next is a 1 oz. tube of Flawless Skin Fluid from Doctor D. Schwab.  This is a lightweight facial moisturizer that evens out skin tone and restores clarity.  I'm not familiar with this brand but my face loves hydration so I'm glad to try this.  (Wish it contained some SPF though.)

The next color choice item is a delicate little bracelet from Tribe Alive.  Subscribers had the option of Aquamarine, Mexican Blue, White Jade or Gray Jade.  I love the Mexican Blue color but this is the type of bracelet I always struggle with and often give up on because I can't get it hooked in a reasonable amount of time. I do have a "third hand" device designed specifically for this purpose; if only I could find it! (Note to FFF:  A bracelet buddy tool would be a wonderful addition to a future box.)

Normally, I'm not thrilled with receiving fitness items in sub boxes. They are often unrealistic for me personally and just make me feel guilty...not what I want from a subscription. However, this Strength Tubing from Merrithew is something I might actually use.  (Might, I said.)  It is a resistance band with Velcro ankle straps that is used for toning legs and glutes. On the back of the package is a coupon code (FFFSAVE20) for $20 off a purchase of $50 or more on Merrithew's website.  

Just as I was speculating about how to use the strength tubing, I noticed the DVD that shows you exactly what to do.  I haven't looked at this yet but at 84 minutes in length, it must be pretty comprehensive.  Really glad they included this!

This priming gloss stain from Manna Kadar is in the shade "Lucky", a very wearable muted pink shade.  This is a primer, lip gloss and stain all in one. I can see this one being a go to everyday lip product.

Next we have "Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Masks with Collagen and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil". Thanks to South Korea, which is closing in quickly on world cosmetic domination, facial masks in every conceivable form are exploding in the beauty aisles lately. There are even a couple of sub boxes devoted to them. I'm fascinated by these things although I have not yet found the holy grail for my own skin. This box contains two masks; put one on for 20 minutes to brighten and rejuvenate skin. These masks are MUCH more substantial than others I've tried; too bad they are single use only.

With Halloween approaching, one of these would also make a pretty effective addition to any costume...sort of a "Hannibal Lecter Meets Goldfinger" vibe!

The third color choice item is this HISY Portable Power Bank, which provides over one full charge for most smart phones.  Subscribers could choose Berry + Rose, Mint + Lavender or Aqua + Navy.  Since I am much too lazy to plug my phone in every night, it is often dead...I NEED this thing and I like the girly color.  On the back is a 25% discount code (FFF25) off any order at Hisy's site, which contains a lot of fun tech gadgets and accessories.

There are a couple of Crest 3D White samples cleverly glued on top of a $2.00 couponl

Finally, there are two discount cards; one is a $15 gift card to Reeds Jewelers, a site that actually does have some affordable mid-range jewelry options.  They feature brands like Alex and Ani, Kendra Scott, Michael Kors and Pandora.  The other coupon code is worth up to $75 off at Picture It On Canvas.

As you can hopefully see, this was a nice box.  Almost all of these items are things I can actually use or gift.  If you'd like to try FabFitFun, click here to get $10 off your first box.  I am guessing that the next box will be delivered around the middle of December.  If they make product options available again, those choices would likely be available about a month earlier.  So if you're interested, sign up now!

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P.S.  I have just one bit of constructive criticism for FFF - PLEASE stop with the "uh-mazing".... it's over-used and sounds very dated. Annoys me every time I read or hear that!   

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