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e.l.f. Eyes Lips Face "play beautifully Box" Review, Fall 2015 + $5.00 Discount & Coupon Codes!

There have been some changes since I last reviewed e.l.f.'s quarterly box.  It was referred to as the e.l.f. Beauty Bundle but it has now been renamed the "play beautifully Box".  The deliberately incorrect use of initial caps is slightly annoying but I guess it is in keeping with their name, which has always been in lower case letters. Getting the word "bundle" out of the name was a good move from a marketing standpoint! Another change is the size of the box.  The new box is somewhat smaller than the older box but the bag inside appears to contain the same incredible number of e.l.f. products.

A big black logo bag crammed with products comes inside every e.l.f. box.

To recap, e.l.f.'s box is $19.99 plus shipping.  For me, that works out to $26.94 per quarter, an absolute steal for the quantity of products in each box.  (Each box contains all full size products with a retail value of at least $40.)  Sometimes they have past boxes available for individual purchase.  At the moment, there are two of them, for $23.99 (plus shipping) apiece.

Since the e.l.f. box is not customized, most of the products come in neutral colors.  I like this since it means you end up with wearable shades...nothing suitable for drag queens!  The Fall box came holding an astounding number of products....TEN full size makeup items and one tool. After you've received a few of these boxes, the packaging does get a bit monotonous but with such great product value, I can put up with some black and white.

So, let's dive in!  First is a nice contouring brush with very soft tightly packed fanned bristles. This is a bit different from other contour brushes I've seen in that the bristles are quite short.  I believe this will give better control when applying bronzer, in particular.  In my opinion, e.l.f.'s brushes rival those that cost ten times as much.

There are two mascara products, a primer and a mineral infused mascara.  The idea is to lengthen and volumize lashes by applying the primer first, allowing it to dry, then applying the mascara. I hope to live long enough to get a mascara in a color other than BLACK in a beauty box!

This palette quad is the one product I have received before.  Like the brush, it compares well with its much more expensive competitors.  There are four highly wearable pressed powder shades that can be custom blended.  Three of the shades are matte and one has a very subtle sparkle.  There is a nice big mirror in the lid too. (The photo really doesn't do justice to the beauty of these colors.)

There is a lip definer and shaper which is a chubby double ended pencil.  The "Shape" end provides a subtle highlighting shimmer for emphasizing the Cupid's bow (or wherever)!  The "Define" end is used to line the lips and blend inwards for a fuller look.  These are perhaps more steps than many of use on a regular basis but I think it's impressive that such an inexpensive cosmetic line is able to provide so many options.

The Lip Exfoliator employs a sugary sweet "lipstick" that exfoliates and smooths.  I never remember to use these but the really sweet taste and grainy texture sort of makes a calorie free snack that I just might remember to use if it's placed near my monitor.  (I's a stretch....)

This spray bottle contains Makeup Mist & Set, a setting spray that makes use of aloe, green tea, cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E.  This type of spray keeps colors from running together and fading and keeps makeup in place all day. With those ingredients, I'm sure it feels really nice and cool on the skin. 

The one product I probably won't use from this bundle is this baked eyeshadow. There's nothing wrong with it but I rarely use eyeshadow. This is a gorgeous fall/winter shade called Burnt Plum, a very rich dark burgundy.  I don't remember seeing this color before; wonder if it could be blended out as a cheek color?

I think makeup remover pens are genius...why didn't they think of these YEARS ago? I have not tried e.l.f.'s version but this is potentially the most useful item in this box, especially because it says it will also remove waterproof makeup. 

This is e.l.f.'s EX-tra Lip Gloss in a beautiful shimmery shade called "Michael" (of all things).  This is a plummy pink that I think would flatter almost any skin tone.

The last product is a pressed mineral bronzer in the shade "Baked Peach", again, a very neutral color that would work in one way or another for almost anybody.  This is one of the lightest bronzers I've seen.  Most of them are too dark for my skin but this one just might provide the subtle definition I need without looking like clown makeup.  (It's actually a bit darker than it looks in this photo.)

I've been getting this box for two years now and I am continually amazed at the variety of products e.l.f. carries.  Since this is a single brand box, one might expect quite a few duplicates over time.  Except for black mascaras, that really hasn't happened.  You also have to wonder why anyone would pay $30 and up for many of these products when such good quality (and sleek packaging) is available at e.l.f.'s rock bottom prices.  

The e.l.f. site is stocked with all their currently available products.  Since there are quite a few codes floating around, you'll need to see which ones give the greatest discount.  e.l.f. does have a referral program which gets $5.00 off your first order. To take advantage of that, I have to submit your name to them and they will send you the discount.  (Send me your e-mail address.)  Please note that this discount is not good for the "play beautifully Box" and it will not work if your e-mail address is already registered with e.l.f.

Here are some codes that have worked recently on their site:

PLAYBEAUTIFULLY - Get the "play beautifully Box" for just $6 with any $25 purchase
SALE30 - Get an extra 30% off sale and clearance items
ONLYHERE - Get 50% off a $30+ online exclusives order
SHIP25 - Get free shipping on a $25 order
HELLO - New customers get free shipping on a $20+ order

Also, I see that eBates is currently giving a 3.5% rebate for e.l.f. purchases.  Be sure to check that out as you can layer it with other discounts for even greater savings.

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