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Pet Gift Box Review, March 2015 + $5 Discount on First Box!

At just $17.99 per month, Pet Gift Box is quickly becoming Tucker's (and my) favorite pet subscription box.  We have tried a lot of dog boxes but Pet Gift Box consistently sends the best assortment of quality products for the lowest price. You can't beat the value even if you stumble upon a great sale at the pet store!  If you missed our January review, click here to catch up on the details.

Weighing a little over two pounds, the March box was definitely the highlight of Tucker's month.  The box was even addressed to him.

The theme of this box is "March Mutt Madness!" and there was a sticker with Tucker's name hand written on the paper wrapper.

Inside we found two toys, two full size treat bags, a single serve treat, a first aid item, a sample and a coupon.

Tucker loves chewing and I love that these Muttz-rrr-Ella Dental Chews are so good for him. They are made with cheddar cheese and this package is specifically for small dogs.  The outer layer helps to remove plaque and tartar and the inner layer is a great tasting surprise for your pup.  Retail $14.99

Tucker has always liked cheese in any form so these are right up his alley.  These are substantial treats that take a while to chew up, a great benefit if you have a pup who gobbles and inhales everything.

Here is a fun purple and yellow plush basketball from SPOT with a squeaker inside. Retail $4.99

I will save this Hoop Star Biscuit from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company for a very special treat. Retail $3.99

Very few dog boxes include first aid items. This Fou-Stick Soothie from FFD Pet is a natural soothing balm in stick form.  It can be used to relieve dry itchy skin and minor skin irritations. The card suggests using this on your dog's paws after long walks. Tucker and I walk regularly so I'll give this a try after our next outing.  I have found the first aid section at most pet stores to be woefully under stocked, so I really appreciate getting canine first aid items in sub boxes.  Retail $8.99

This big bag of Zuke's Power Bones contains natural energy bites for active dogs. These little treats contain carbs, anti-oxidants and Tucker's all time favorite...beef! Tucker is such a family member that he doesn't need any training but I think these would also make great training aids.  Retail $6.99

Right in keeping with the theme of this box is this cute green sneaker toy from Pride Bites. This durable chew toy has a squeaker inside and floats.  You can also toss it in the washing machine. Retail $9.99

Last, there is a sample of Licks Athlete which is a maximum energy, muscle recovery supplement and recovery aid.  Since Tucker is a senior citizen now, he does get winded near the end of our walks so I'm going to see if this will give him a boost. They've also provided a coupon code (LICKSLUV20) which gets you 20% off your order at the Licks site.  Retail $3.99

If you've been running a tab through this review, you can see why I like this box so much. Not counting the Licks sample, there is a retail value of $49.94 in a box that I paid $17.99 for. Pet toys and treats are quite expensive so I don't think a similar assortment of products could be purchased in a pet store for so little.  (Even more astonishing when you consider that the shipping cost alone on this box has to be at least $6 or $7)  It's clear that these products are being subsidized in some way, probably by the manufacturers. You see that a lot in beauty boxes but it's rare in other sub box categories.  Tucker doesn't really care; he just wants another dental chew!

If you and your pup would like to try Pet Gift Box, click here to get $5 off your first box.  Don't forget your kitty; they have great feline boxes too!

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