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Bocandy International Snacks Review, March 2015, First Month Free!

When my second ever Bocandy box arrived, it looked like the candy was trying to escape from the box; the red crinkle shreds were certainly on the run!  I don't know why but this just struck me as funny when I saw it in my mailbox.  

Bocandy sends a box containing several international candies each month.  Notice that I said "containing several" and not "packed with" or "crammed full of".  I know that international candy is more expensive to obtain but when volume discounts are taken into account, this box does seem light on content.  The two boxes I have received both contained about 2/3 candy and 1/3 filler.  If you would like to check out the subscription details, click here for my first Bocandy review.

Here's everything that came in the March box: 

First out is a package of Melkerull (Milk Chocolate Roll) from Freia, which I think is the first time I've seen a candy from Norway.  Looks like this is a roll of milk chocolate disks.  With an expiration date of 5/15/15, this is quite short dated which is surprising to see in a food box.  

Next is a handful of individual bite size Hi-Chews (from Morinaga) in Green Apple, Grape and Strawberry.  Thanks to subscription boxes, I've come to really like Hi-Chews (which are even chewier than Starburst) but it does seem like Bocandy could have included a full size roll as have other subscription candy companies.  By the way, Hi-Chews are an iconic Japanese candy and they come in more than 113 different flavors!

There is a simply named Milk Chocolate Coated Caramel Wafer Biscuit from Tunnock's of Scotland, another country you don't see often in candy boxes.  This must be popular in Europe because the wrapper says that more than 5 million of these are sold every week! The Daim Crunchy Caramel Candy Bar comes from Sweden.  I think both of these are considered full size candy bars but they are considerably smaller than what we are accustomed to in this country.  (Why am I not surprised?)

These Milkita Milk Shake Candies in Strawberry flavor seem to be more filler for this box. There are only three bite size candies.  The one I tried had virtually no flavor. These come from Indonesia.

This Nestle Mirage Bar comes from Switzerland and is described on the wrapper as "Real Bubbly Milk Chocolate".  From the ingredient label, it doesn't look like there's anything else in it besides milk chocolate.

I wasn't even going to try this edible "Monster Money" from Germany but decided to take one for the team.  I bit off one corner of a hundred dollar bill.  To quote another reviewer, it tastes exactly like chewing heavy paper with no flavor whatsoever. These are awful and basically inedible; I can't imagine anybody really wanting to eat them.  Now what do I do with the rest of the pack?  I guess they'd make a fun novelty gift but I sure wouldn't encourage anyone to eat them.

So this was a pretty disappointing box for me.  The four major candies all contain milk chocolate.  Milk chocolate fans will like that but for those of us who prefer dark chocolate, this is pretty much a wasted box.  (Candy subscriptions should give subscribers an option to choose milk or dark chocolate!)  The bite size candies should have been full size packs, as far as I'm concerned.  The wafer money is fun but not enjoyable as a candy.  I did like the wide range of countries represented in this box.

Bocandy and I may be parting ways soon mostly because I don't eat milk chocolate.  (The two boxes I've received so far were full of it.)  At their month to month price of $15, the value is not there for me.

If you do like milk chocolate, you may find one of the discounted longer term subscriptions to be feasible.  (The 8 mo. price is $96 which would make the box a reasonable $12 per month.)  Bocandy does have a very good incentive deal for first time subscribers.  When you sign up, you get the first month for free.  That will give you a couple of months at a reduced rate to see if you like this box.

Note to Easter Bunny:  PLEASE bring me some dark chocolate!


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