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Blind Surprise Gift Box Review, April 2015 + 25% Discount Code!

This is the toughest kind of review to write because this company isn't yet what it could be.  Blind Surprise sends a monthly box containing a surprise (or surprises) based on interests you specify when signing up (cooking, technology, fashion, traveling, etc.)  Their April box was my fourth.  If you've read any of my past Blind Surprise reviews, you know that I run hot and cold on this one.  

Sending a fun surprise item (or items) that speaks directly to a specific interest is a great premise.  But Blind Surprise seems to be having an identity crisis that is compromising the perceived value of this service.  I actually like the item they sent for April but to put it mildly, the box was underwhelming.  I think I've said the same thing about the previous three boxes.

When my April box arrived, I actually thought they'd forgotten to put anything in it; it was THAT light in weight.  However shallow, sending boxes that look and feel like they contain physical substance is a basic rule in subscription commerce. Nobody wants to pay for and receive a box that feels like it has nothing in it.

What was in my box was this extremely lightweight foldover clutch.  This bag comes from Lacy Lou Handmade Designs.  The design is clever and the bag is beautifully made.   

The top part is a light canvas type material in a pretty mint green color with a slightly tribal looking white arrow pattern.  The bottom is a solid brown faux leather with a textured pattern to it.  The bag is fully lined with muslin and zips at the top. It has a cute mint green and silver tassel and closes with a magnetic snap.

When the bag is unsnapped, it can be used as a small tote to carry papers or other items that are too big to fit in a clutch.  

Lacy Lou Designs is an Etsy seller and this bag sells for $28 in her shop. It is not substantial enough for regular or heavy use but it is cute and definitely well made. It is the kind of clutch that you could easily drop into a larger tote and pull out when you need to lighten your load.

Since I got a discount for a multi-month subscription, I am happy with this item. The value IS there.  But I think Blind Surprise really missed an opportunity to "delight the customer" (a phrase most of us have had pounded into our heads by employers at one time or another).  This box could have been SO much more impressive if they'd added a bar of handmade soap (for example) and a cute note telling about the designer of the clutch. As it was, the only other item in the box was the generic card they include in every shipment which just solicits Facebook reviews.

I get that Blind Surprise is transitioning to handmade products; that is commendable.  It is hard to nail the problem but somehow the "WOW!" factor just isn't there. When your company is built on surprising people in a good way, that's not an omission you can afford.

For what it's worth (and however presumptuous), here are my suggestions for Blind Surprise:

  1. Define exactly what kind of service you want to be.
  2. Substance is important; put more in the box. (Your competitors are doing that.)
  3. Sending handmade items is great but if it's not economically feasible to send more than one item, add something else with perceived value.
  4. Inject some charm.  Include an imaginative information card that tells something about the product(s) or their makers.  Improve the packaging.
  5. Showcase your featured artists via social media.
  6. Use a survey tool to find out what your customers want/expect.
If you're ready to try Blind Surprise, click here and use code THANKFUL for 25% off or GREEN for a $3.00 discount on your first box.

As I said, I do like the clutch.  I'd just like to see this company amp up their service and send boxes that truly surprise and delight!

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