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MunchPak Snack Subscription Box Review, April 2015 + Discount Codes!

It's MunchPak time!  <Happy dance!>  MunchPaks have to be one of the most popular snack subscription boxes around.  There's no sugar coating this....MunchPaks are not for the food police crowd. They ARE for those who love really great snacks and enjoy having lots of different ones arrive each month, most of which are international brands. In the past my MunchPaks have contained a mix of familiar and foreign snacks but my April box contained all international treats.

MunchPaks come in three sizes.  As you can see, the Mini option lets you try them out at a very low price.  You can also choose the frequency for your Munchpak-- once a week, twice a month or once a month.

MunchPak Mini (5-6 snacks), $9.95
MunchPak Original (10+ snacks), $19.95
MunchPak Family Pak (20+ snacks), $39.95
April's MunchPak arrived in a spiffy new red and white box, a nice upgrade!  

This box was packed with a particularly colorful assortment of thirteen snacks.  I could see a few (welcome) repeats right away but also a lot that I have not received before.

First out is a big bag of Ramen Crunch from Hapi Snacks.  This brand has shown up in snack boxes before but this is the first time I've seen this particular product.  It's described as a Japanese-style ramen noodle snack cracker that is trans fat and cholesterol free. The picture looks like the crackers have cheese in them but there is no cheese product shown on the ingredient label. This snack actually comes from Malaysia.

Next is a little package of Strawberry Bon Bons from Eiffel.  These are little round pink sugar candies surprise...come from France.

This little package contains chocolate sandwich cookies from Romania.  The name is Eugenia Cacao and I believe the maker is Dobrogea.  Can't say I've tried many Romanian sweets before!

This Rip Rolls Blue Raspberry fruit roll up candy comes from Thailand.  I've tasted these before; it's sort of like a fruit leather version of a Sweet Tart.  The second snack comes from Taiwan.  I have no idea what it is but the ingredient label lists "Scallion Pumpkin Cake".  If by "scallion", they mean "onion", this is going to be one strange tasting product. (I hope I'm wrong.)

These waffle type cookies have shown up in one form or another in just about every food box I've received over the past six to nine months.  They are very thin waffle cookies with a layer of sweet honey filling.  The idea is to set them over a hot drink and let them absorb the heat and soften up.  They are pretty bland tasting but o.k. with coffee or hot chocolate. This one just says "Amsterdam! Good Cookies", so I assume they are Dutch.

The green package contains Lemon Wafers from "Mic's Mincher" of Taiwan. Interesting that the picture on the package shows limes, not lemons!  The cute little box of Botan Rice Candy comes from Japan.  It's aimed at children and contains little stickers inside.

I have received Glico Pocky biscuit sticks in other boxes; they were dipped in either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry coating.  This is another Glico product called Pejoy. These are also biscuit sticks, but this time, they are filled with chocolate rather than dipped in it.  I've learned to love anything from Glico!

I suppose every food box has to have one dud.  For me, it's ALWAYS going to be the seaweed product.  This one is called "Big Roll" and it's a grilled seaweed roll. Even worse, it has BBQ sauce on it.  It comes from Thailand and a company called Tao Kae Noi.  In my entire circle of friends, family and acquaintances, I only know ONE person who might possibly eat this.  Really wish box companies would stop sending seaweed products.

Most of my MunchPaks have contained at least one package of Hi-Chews by Morinaga, a product of Japan, made in Taiwan.  This package is Mango flavor.  I love the point that I've ordered them directly from Amazon in between MunchPaks.  They are individually wrapped candies that are about half the size of a Starburst and a bit chewier.  They come in a wide range of fruity flavors.

Another repeat that I'm glad to see is a six sided box of Koala's March by Lotte of Thailand.  If you haven't seen a version of this product, they are tiny cookies in the shape of koala bears, each with a cute bear print on it.  They come with different fillings; this one is creamy milk cream, which is probably a vanilla flavor. This is another one I've been inspired to order straight from Amazon.

I have saved the best for last!  This is a big package of chocolate biscuit cookies called "Vika" from Viktorija, direct from Lithuania!  This is definitely a first for me. These look delicious and there are a lot of them in the package.

It's difficult to determine a value for this box but since foreign snacks tend to be expensive, an educated guess is that the box contains very good value for the price paid.  There is only one item that I rejected outright (guess which one...ha!); the rest will last me nicely for the rest of the month.

If you are interested in trying MunchPak, below are several codes you can use when signing up.  I believe these discounts are the same regardless of the size MunchPak you order.

Get $3.00 off with U2BPAK
Get $3.00 off with LITTLETHINGS
Get $2.00 off with SNACKIN

With their new packaging and awesome tasty snacks, MunchPak seems to be on a roll. I have a feeling this company is going to be around for a long time and that's fine with me!


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