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FabFitFun VIP Gift Box Spring 2015 Review + $10 Discount Code!

Like a lot of sub addicts, my favorite genre is the lifestyle box.  I like these because they send a good mix of items, usually in the beauty, food, health, home decor and fashion categories.  Sometimes you get a product that defies all categorization! FabFitFun's quarterly VIP box is limited edition and contains $200+ in retail value.  The products are all full size and the price is $49.99.  Shipping is free.   

For the Spring 2015 box, subscribers were given a choice of two scarf patterns which I think may have been a first.  But let's back up and see a full FabFitFun unboxing...that big black box deserves some attention!

Everything was neatly packed with a big "fff" logo on the lid and sticker.

The box contains nine full size products, two sponsored items and a few coupons.

FabFitFun provides one of the better information cards with facts about the products and their retail prices.

As mentioned above, subscribers were able to choose between two scarfs.  One was a watercolor print in pastels and the other had a more artsy vibrant pattern in brighter colors. I chose the second one. This is a very lightweight spring or summer appropriate scarf from Jules Smith.  Retail $42

This pod from Miracle Gro is called a Gro-ables Combination.  It holds everything you need (mulch, seed and fertilizer) to grow a little pot of basil.  Just remove the lid, stick it in soil, add water and watch it grow!  There is also a free gardening app called Sprout It that tracks the Gro-ables progress and offers advice, support and reminders along the way.  Retail $1.49

We've been seeing lot from Rifle Paper Co. in sub boxes lately.  That's a good thing as they make wonderful products.  This cute keepsake box contains a set of 8 paper coasters featuring illustrations of New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. There is also code inside for 25% off any purchase at Rifle Paper Co.  Retail $16  

Next is a package of Salted Caramel Premium Puffed Corn from Cosmos Creations. This is made with all natural ingredients, is non-GMO, gluten free and has no trans fat.  Looks yummy!  Retail $1.49 (Sponsored)

I was happy to see two really nice makeup brushes from Ofra; these are brushes #11 and #20.  #11 is for eyeshadow and #20 is for concealer or foundation.  The bristles have an exceptionally soft and luxurious feel.  They've also provided a generous discount code (FABFITFUN40) which is good for 40% off your purchase at Ofra's site through August 1, 2015. Retail $45.90

Palmetto Derma is another brand that has been frequenting sub boxes lately.  This Collagen Booster is a free radical fighting super serum that increases collagen growth, slows down the aging process, minimizes wrinkles and fills in fine lines.  I always like getting a chance to try expensive cosmetic and skincare products that I would otherwise never buy!  Retail $48

There is a sheet of metallic temporary tattoos from Yasi.  These are Moroccan inspired designs in gold and silver.  This is one trend that I wish would go away.  This may be a snarky observation but how many subscribers who can pay $50 for a sub box use temporary tattoos?  Just asking.  I will find a teen to give these to.  Retail $20

There are two Orly nail products in the box.  One is called "BB Creme Make-Up for Nails".  I have never heard of this product before but it's an all-in-one treatment that helps smooth, moisturize and brighten natural nails.  It goes on with a sheer peach tint.  The other bottle is a very pale pink polish called "Cake Pop".  I don't have much experience with this brand so am intrigued, particularly by the nail makeup product. Retail $15 and $8.50

The last item is a 3 DVD set called Intense Body Blast Pilates Interval Training from Merrithew. This is co-branded with Stott Pilates and FabFitFun.  This could be a nice item but I see on the back that the intensity levels are pretty high.  So, I'm guessing these DVD's will be too advanced for a lot of people.  They have also included a $25 gift card (see next photo below) that can be used towards one of their 500 fitness products.  This is a really nice benefit since there is no minimum purchase.  I'm going to have a look at some of their exercise mats and bands and some of the other DVDs.  Combined retail is $61

There are two sponsored gift cards in the box.  One is worth $125 at Vow To Be Chic, which is a mail order rental service for designer bridesmaid and special occasion dresses.  This gift card permits a free dress rental with the rental or purchase of another dress.  I can't use this since I don't have any special occasions upcoming but even if I did, I wouldn't need two dresses.  I suspect this card will only be useful to a very narrow range of FabFitFun subscribers.

The second gift card is good for $40 off your first week's delivery of Hello Fresh.  I've received this card in numerous sub boxes.  It requires a pretty substantial investment in their service so I don't consider this to have any real value as far as this box goes. If you do sign up for Hello Fresh's food delivery service, then of course, it is worth $40.

So, that's it for FFF's Spring box.  The total retail value (including the Merrithew card but not the other two cards that require a purchase) is $259.38.  The winners for me are the scarf, brushes, Palmetto Derma product and the $25 Merrithew card.  I'm also happy with the Orly products and the Gro-ables.  As for the tattoos...they aren't for me but I guess they do round out the box contents in a way.

The Spring FFF boxes are still available.  If you are a current subscriber and really liked this box, you can get another one for just $44.99.  Current subscribers can also save by signing up for an annual plan for $179.99, which reduces the price of each box from $49.99 to $44.99.

There is also a Mother's Day box option this year which is the Spring box plus the Jessie Steele apron and FabFitFun water bottle that were featured in earlier boxes. This one has a total retail value of $327+, so at $49.99, it's an especially good value.

New subscribers can get $10 off their first box clicking here and using code TRYFFF, making it just $39.99.

FabFitFun is more than just a beauty box.  If you'd like to see what was included in previous boxes, check the site for photos of many past boxes.  You just might be inspired to sign up!


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased by Lone Star Shopper. Post may contain referral or affiliate links.

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