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Yumvelope Gourmet Food & Snacks Review, March 2015 + 20% Discount Code!

This should be called a phantom review since at least half the products in my March Yumvelope box are already gone!  Yumvelope promises to send "real food made by real people".  For $21 you get a good sized box filled with at least six full sized products made by small batch regional artisans around the U.S.  The products are all natural and may include snacks, drinks and desserts.

For some reason, the items in this box did not photograph well.  Most of them are packaged in highly reflective wrappers which is part of the problem.  The photographer's lack of skill <ahem> is the other problem.  Also the labels on the packages pretty much obscure the contents so I'll do my best to describe what's in each one.

March's box contained seven items and an information card packed in light green tissue. Three of the products vanished within a day so I'll try to describe those from memory.  (In my defense, some Yumvelope items are highly perishable so it's necessary to consume them quickly.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)  

First to disappear was the Blondeez Gourmet Blonde Brownies from Keena's Kake Designs in Georgia Peach.  This was not my idea of a brownie at all.  It was a delicious moist yellow cake with bits of peach or peach flavor.  I would just call it a slice of peach cake. Use code DISCOVERYBOX for 10% off a purchase at their site.

The past tense is again required to describe the Cranberry Orange Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery.  Grey Ghost cookies have appeared in a lot of subscription boxes. They have a homemade artisan quality that makes them most welcome in my house.  These had a tasty balance of cranberry and orange flavors with lots of pecans.  They had a nice crispy texture that I'm guessing was provided by brown sugar.    

Biscotti have never been a favorite of mine but since they arrive frequently in sub boxes, I'm learning to appreciate them.  There are two from Marlo's Bake Shop in Banana Bread flavor. I dunked one in cappuccino and it did taste just like banana bread.  In general, I prefer chocolate biscotti if I'm going to eat them, but I must admit...this was good!

I don't have to rely on memory to describe the next items as they have miraculously survived their first few days in my presence. There is another "brownie" from Keena's Kake Designs. This is the Marshmallow Swirl version of Fudgeez Gourmet Brownies. Again, it looks more like a cake than a brownie. But who am I to quibble when words like "Fudgeez", "gourmet brownie" and "marshmallow swirl" are involved?  

There is a Cranberry Raisin Endurance Bar from Amrita Health Foods packaged inside its own information brochure.  This is a raw energy bar with lots of health benefits.  Use code THANKS for a 15% discount on your first order at their site. This must be a bonus item since it is not listed on Yumvelope's information card.

The last and biggest item is a 5 oz. package of "handcrafted sweetly coated peanuts" from Lush Nuts.  The label also says "Salt & Pepper".  These are really good; fortunately, the salt and pepper flavorings are not overwhelming.  The ingredient list shows only peanuts, sugar, salt and pepper...that's it!  (Sorry for the awful photo but the package just wasn't photogenic.)

I just noticed that Yumvelope has a new "Gold" program for rewarding loyal subscribers. After your third month in any recurring subscription, you'll get something extra in your box. That's a nice incentive to stick around!

If you're interested in trying Yumvelope, use the code lonestarshopper for a 20% discount off your first month.  Oh...and pace yourself.  Try not to devour the entire box in one sitting.

Poor're so sweet, you just don't stand a chance around me!


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