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JewelMint Surprise Jewelry Candles Review, Nos. 2, 3 and 4

JewelMint was definitely not the company that originated the idea of hiding jewelry inside candles.  I believe that honor goes to Diamond Candles who still has the most amazing assortment of beautiful rings inside candles of all different scents and colors.  Their concept was so innovative that it was quickly emulated by a lot of other candle companies. JewelMint may be the first actual jewelry company to start putting their own jewelry in candles.  Hey, a good idea works both ways!  

JewelMint's line of surprise jewelry candles is quite limited.  There are only four versions, simply named No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4.  At 8 oz., these candles are much smaller than the big 21 oz. Diamond Candles.  At $29.99, they are also much more expensive per ounce than Diamond Candles, which are $24.99 plus shipping. However, JewelMint's candles are elegantly packaged, you can get other types of jewelry besides rings and you can customize ring size.

When JewelMint ran a recent promotion that brought their candles down to about $14 apiece, I took the bait.  That seems like a lot to pay for a candle but as a long time Jewelmint customer, I trusted them to deliver a quality product.  When you order, you have the opportunity to indicate your ring size.  At the time I ordered, No. 1 was not available in my ring size so I ordered one each of the other three.

Each candle was packaged in a black presentation box with Jewelmint's name on top.  The boxes are custom fit so the candles are securely seated and cushioned during their journey.

These are the three soy wax candles I received.  They are small (compared to DC, anyway) and there is absolutely no sign of the jewelry inside, no matter how hard you look.  And I did look!

No. 2 is called "Fleur de Fig"; it has a subtle, slightly fruity scent with green moss notes and smooth sandlewood accents.  This is the only one I've burned so far and I'll show you the results below.  This is not my favorite scent but the throw is limited, so it's not overwhelming.

No. 3 is "Grapefruit Rouge" which is a tart citrus and grapefruit with floral undertones. I love all grapefruit scented candles and this is definitely my favorite of the three.  By the way, these candles have an approximate burn time of 45-50 hours.  

No. 4 is called "Red Currant Tarte", with top notes of citrus and berry, middle notes of green leaves and wood and a vanilla bottom note.  Very interesting and complex scent combination.  

The instructions say to burn the candle for 30 minutes until you see the "aluminum hook" appear.  It actually took about an hour of burning before I could see anything; for a while there, I was almost convinced that I had received a dud!  But appear it finally did.  The jewelry is packaged in a tiny zip lock bag, which is wrapped in aluminum foil.  The little packet has a long tail which is curved into a hook shape.  That aluminum hook is the first thing that's revealed when the candle burns down far enough.  Impatiently (like everyone who has ever done this, I'm sure), I blew out the candle and fished the foil packet out with a plastic fork. The soy wax washes off easily and my prize was quickly revealed.

I was not expecting to get earrings but I received this beautiful pair of very dainty double triangles...just my style!  They are gold tone and small as they are, have lots of movement.  I love that they have easy-to-slide-in fish hook backs since my ears don't tolerate posts too well these days.  

Each earring has JewelMint's name stamped on the back...THAT is why these candles cost so much more than Diamond Candles.  It's not an exaggeration to say these are my new favorite earrings.  They go with everything, are well made, easy to put on and the tiny rubber backs hold them securely in place. They are exactly the kind of earrings I would have chosen for myself.  I could not be more pleased with what my candle revealed!

If I had known how perfectly suited the jewelry would be for me, I wouldn't have hesitated to pay the full $29.99 price.  At $14, this was an absolute steal.  As much as I have enjoyed the rings retrieved from various Diamond Candles, these earrings are much better quality and something that will actually get daily wear.  There is also no gamble with regard to ring size in case you do get a ring.  

Change seems to be in the air at JewelMint.  I don't know what is going on but their old "flare" has been missing for a while.  They have not been introducing new products as regularly as in the past. They've also been liquidating much of their inventory at very deep discounts via various promotions which makes you wonder if they are clearing out their warehouse.  Some sort of transition involving Lucky Shops is occurring; I sense the energy and creativity there that launched JewelMint a few years ago.  It will be interesting to see if JewelMint (and its sister sites) remain or if they are somehow merged into Lucky Shops.  

Whatever happens, be sure you're on JewelMint's mailing list so you'll receive e-mail notices when their candles or jewelry go on sale. Deep discount promotions are frequent and the savings can be considerable.

I'm just trying to pace myself before burning down the other two candles to see what treasures they hold!


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