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DoggieBox Dog Box Review, February 2015 + 25% Discount Code

Apparently, dogs and hazelnuts do not mix.  At least, MY dog and hazelnuts are a bad idea. Tucker and I are a bit late with this review of February's DoggieBox because he has been quite sick due to consuming a few hazelnuts. Poor little guy had a rough few days but he's out of the woods now and back to his passion for inspecting canine subscription boxes. 

A nice benefit of DoggieBox is that they allow you to sign up for just one shipment or subscribe on a monthly basis.  It's $24.99 for one box or $22.50 per month (10% discount) if you subscribe. DoggieBoxes typically have a retail value of about $41.50.  Since Tucker's eyes are much bigger than his stomach, we just order one box at a time.

Our February box contained two toys and two full size treat bags.  One drawback of DoggieBox is that you can't customize the box for your dog's age, size or preferences. Tucker would prefer just treats and hard chew toys but he's a total pro and will give proper consideration to each item.

The information card tells about each item and provides its item number in case you want to order more from  A "feel good" bonus is that 25% of DoggieBox proceeds go to a shelter in need.  Tucker and I both highly approve of that!

This box contained a huge toy called a Snoggle.  This is an adjustable treat-dispensing plush uh....well, whatever; I'm not sure just exactly what this thing is.  It took us a little while to figure out how it works.  

Whatever the "thing" is, he's wrapped around a log.  There's a hole near the end of the log that you can fill with treats.  A dial hidden under a Velcro flap at the end of the log allows you to adjust the size of the opening.  It's all very complicated but for the right dog, this could provide hours and hours of entertainment.

No surprise to me, but Tucker's attitude about this one is "It would be a whole lot easier if you'd just hand me the treats"!  Of course, I did just that.

Next is a big 12 oz. package of Turkey with Sweet Potato Dog Treats from Plato. Sweet potato has become a pretty common ingredient in healthy dog treats. When Tucker was first introduced to sweet potato based treats when we started getting dog boxes, he was less than enthusiastic.  Now that he's been enjoying various sweet potato treats for more than a year, he really likes them.  And, of course, turkey is a issue there!  A big package of treats like this will last my Tucker a very long time.

The second toy is one of the cutest dog toys I've ever seen....a long-legged plush turtle! Each of his front feet have a squeaker inside and each of his rear feet have rattles inside. Because of the way his tag is attached, he's a little shy in the first photo.  According to the information card, these also come in the form of zebras and giraffes, but we like our turtle!

The second bag of treats is one that Tucker especially likes; it contains eight chicken jerky sticks.  These are all-natural healthy treats.  Tucker does not particularly like dry dog food so when I can get him to eat some, I usually reward him with a chew stick for dessert. That incentive is about the only reason any dry dog food goes down his throat.

That's everything in February's DoggieBox.  Tucker thoroughly enjoyed the quality control process on this one.  If the box had been big enough, I think he would have climbed right in. As you can see, I nearly had to pull him out by his hind feet when his inspection became overly aggressive!  (You have to wonder how he was able to breathe???)

If you're interested in checking out, use code DBTHANKS for 25% off your order. They have an amazing array of dog products.  I'm particularly impressed with their first aid items as that category is quite limited in our local pet stores. The discount code does not apply to a DoggieBox but if you have a dog, be sure to check out some of the healthy snacks and other items they carry. 

I bet your dog deserves a DoggieBox!  Thanks for reading,


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