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Bath Time Box, First Box Review, February 2015 + 20% Discount Code!

For bath connoisseurs, there is a brand new subscription box from Canada called Bath Time Box.  In case you haven't noticed, there are more and more subscription boxes originating from our neighbor to the north.  Of course, shipping cost is the main obstacle with any international purchase but I have noticed that some of the Canadian companies are finding ways to make it work. (Hopefully, the reverse is also true!)

If February's launch box is an indication of what we can expect in the future, Bath Time Box is off to a fantastic start.  Their mission is to "take your bath time to the next level" by sending five full or deluxe sized bath products each month.  These can include milk baths, scrubs, lotions, bubble baths, bath bombs, bath salts, i.e., all sorts of bathtub luxuries.  The cost (in U.S. dollars) is:

Monthly - $29
Three Month Prepay - $85 ($28.33 per month)
Twelve Month Prepay - $335($27.92 per month)

I don't like to say that shipping is free because shipping is NEVER free, but it's built into the cost of the box so you won't see any additional charge.

My first box took slightly less than one month from the order date to arrive.  It came in this long rectangular box with a purple lace print.  

Judging from the dates on the customs form, it looks like my box was in transit for about two weeks.  When I opened it, the contents had clearly shifted a bit but nothing was damaged. The items were wrapped in purple tissue with some pink crinkle shreds inside.  (It looks like the box stood on one end at some point in its journey.)

As promised, there were five bath products inside.  I would say they are all full size although a couple of them are probably single use items.

The information card is simple and to the point; it names each product, tells a little about it and gives the retail price.  I'm not sure if the prices are given in U.S. or Canadian dollars but this company seems to have its act together.  Since I'm a U.S. customer, I'm guessing the prices on this card are in U.S. dollars.

The first item seems a little incongruous coming from a Canadian company but it is certainly nice!  It's a paper bag filled with Hawaiian Gardenia Bath Salts.  Looks like this was specially packaged for Bath Time Box.  That seems like a good indication of sourcing strength, especially in a launch box.  This smells wonderful and there's enough in the bag for 4 or 5 baths.

The second item is Mango Madness Sugar Scrub which you massage into your skin for gentle exfoliation.  I love mango scented anything and this has the distinct smell of fresh mangoes! (Mr. Webster says the plural can be either "mangos" or "mangoes".)

Although I own a lot of soaps from various subscription boxes, I've never seen one like this "Pamper Me Clay Soap", a 100% natural bar made from two different types of clay.  The top layer looks like milk chocolate, then there is a very thin dark brown middle layer, then the bottom layer is white.  Interesting!

The flower-shaped Va Va Voom Vanilla Bath Bomb has a delicious vanilla scent and includes Dead Sea salts.  I know this is intended for one bath but I can usually make a bath bomb last for two.  

The fifth and final item is a Tub Love Bath Truffle which you crumble under running water.  It says there is probably enough here for two uses, depending on the size of your tub.  This includes a lot of emollients (cocoa and shea butters, etc.) and warns that you and your tub will be quite slippery.  Because of that, this may not be my favorite product, although I'm willing to try anything when it comes to bath time decadence.

Some subscribers will probably think this box is too expensive.  However, when you compare it to quality bath product purveyors like Lush (quite overpriced if you ask me), it is well within reason...even more so when you consider the cost of shipping from Canada. This is one of the best thought out and executed launch boxes that I've seen and judging from a lot of other first box reviews, many of their initial subscribers are excitedly awaiting the March box...a very good sign!

The Bath Time Box site shows an exact shipping schedule so you can get a pretty good idea of which month's box you'll receive. March boxes will be shipped on March 22nd.  If you order by March 21st, you'll get March's box.  That probably means that U.S. customers will get each box in the first week of the following month.

Here are some discount codes to try, depending on which plan you choose:

MARCH20 - gets 20% off first month
LAUNCH10 - gets 10% off any subscription
THREEFORFREE on a new three month subscription - gets an All Natural Lip Lovers Gift Set which includes an extra large strawberry lip scrub and a lip balm in assorted flavors.  (good during March only)

If none of those codes work at the time you read this, click on the "Menu" button on the right side of the screen on Bath Time Box's home page, then click on "Promotions" to see currently available discounts or offers.

It goes without saying that Bath Time Box would make a wonderful gift for any bath enthusiast!  


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