Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sock Fancy Review, December 2014 + 15% Discount & Happy Socks + 20% Discount Code!

My poor neglected sock drawer needed an upgrade.  Enter Sock Fancy!  This sock subscription service sends one or two (your choice) hand picked pairs of socks per month. The designs are random and can be anything from wild graphics and colors to more subtle patterns.

Sock Fancy has subscriptions for Men, Women, His and Hers and Kids.  You can also order gift subscriptions in increments of four, eight or twelve months.  The sizing is pretty standard with Men's socks fitting shoe sizes 7 to 13 and Women's socks fitting shoe sizes 5 to 10.  For adult socks, the cost is $9 per month for one pair or $17 per month for two pairs.

For Kids, choose Boy or Girl, then sock size.  The monthly cost is $7, four months is $36, six months is $54, eight months is $72 and a full year is $108.  

Knowing how desperate the situation was, I decided to start with two pairs a month. My first package arrived about two weeks after I placed the order.  The socks came in a branded black poly mailer.

Inside is a card advertising gift subscriptions.  Use code HOLIDAY10 for 10% off gifts.

Then came a lot of yellow and orange and just plain crazy.

The first is a pair of pale yellow and red knee socks from Sock It To Me.  They have a bizarre pattern of monkeys (I think...what are those things???) wearing headphones.

The second pair of socks is even harder to explain....orangey with red blobs with black dots inside them.  These are from the Swedish brand Happy Socks.  They are nice quality, made of combed cotton.

On the bright side (ha!), this duo inspired me to check out the company's return policy.  It's quite simple...if you don't like 'em and haven't worn 'em, you can send 'em back for an exchange. However weird the second pair, they are very nice quality so I'm going to keep them. But those monkeys are outta here. I may not be as open-minded about socks as I thought I was!

Since I WAS impressed with the quality of the Happy Socks and my sock situation was dire, I decided to check out their website. They are a Swedish company that sells socks and underwear for men, women and kids.  After the wackiness of the Sock Fancy order, I was motivated to pick a few styles for myself.  At $12 a pair, these socks are not cheap but they are very well made and there is an array of colorful patterns available that you don't normally see in stores.  A 20% discount code nudged me into action!

I was a much happier camper when the three pairs of socks I chose for myself arrived.

First is this great pair of black socks with bold colorful stripes.  No dang monkeys!

Then there is a beautiful argyle pattern in dark and royal blue with a red heel and toe.

Last is black with an emerald green tiger stripe pattern.  That's as wild as I get and I really like these.

With the discount, these socks worked out to $9.60 a pair.  That does sound expensive but if you haven't bought socks lately, you might be surprised at what they cost.  Socks can certainly be had for less but probably not of this quality and certainly not with such beautiful and colorful designs. Because of the price, I wouldn't order these on a regular basis but these three pairs really added a desperately needed punch of style and color to my sock drawer.

By the way, Happy Socks offers beautiful boxed gift sets and Limited Edition sets. They are a splurge but I can't imagine anyone not being happy to receive one of these!

Sock Fancy offers a 15% discount code on your first subscription but in order to get it, I have to mail you an invitation.  If you're interested, please send me an e-mail at

For Happy Socks, use code DEC20 to get 20% off your order.  I'm guessing that one probably ends on December 20th, so if you're interested, hop on it now.  Also, they are offering free shipping on all orders until December 17th; another reason to check them out soon.

Do you need to step up your sock game?



Linda Shields said...

Ha--I think the monkeys with headphones are a hoot! Great idea. Unfortunately, I went thru my wild sock phase and already have a drawer full. LOL

Lone Star Shopper said...

That MUST be what's going on with me...I'm in a wild sock phase! Thanks for reading!