Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amor Naturals Holiday/Winter 2014 Soap Box Review + 10% Coupon Code!

Amor Naturals is a quarterly subscription box that is quickly working its way into my heart. Their Holiday/Winter box is the second one I've received and let's just say....my nose is in love! Unlike some other companies that send organic small batch products, these have wonderfully creative, delicious scents.  At the same time, they are not heavy or overwhelming.

The Amor Naturals subscription box comes four times a year and costs $19.99 + $4.99 for shipping.  Each box contains 5 or 6 sample size products and the boxes generally follow a theme. The subscription auto renews every quarter and you can cancel at any time.

"The Nutcracker" is the theme of the Winter box which contains six exquisite little samples. These items were packaged in pale blue tissue sealed with a nutcracker sticker.

The information card shows a picture of each item and gives a full description, directions if needed and the full size price.  There is also a code for use on full size items in their store (see below).

This looks like a gilded peanut butter cookie with a chocolate star on top but it's called the "Sugar Plum Fairy Spa Bubble Bar". You crumble this under running water in your tub.  It contains rose french clay, coconut milk and a bit of cinnamon essential oil.  Looks good enough to eat!

Next is a luscious Almond Coconut Shea Butter Cream, an intensive healing body cream for dry winter skin.  It has a very light and lovely almond scent with just a hint of coconut.  Really nice! This is the kind of product that makes me want to visit their on-line store to check out the full sizes.

This adorable little quarter ounce tin contains Vanilla Peppermint scented lip balm made with natural soy wax, vitamin E and avocado oil.  Smells delicious and although this is a sample size, there is enough here to last a long time.

Pop-the-Bubbly soap is a handmade artisan soap made with organic champagne (didn't know there was such a thing), grapeseed oil and raw shea butter.  It is scented with grapefruit essential oil and a sweet fizzy fragrance.  There is a lot going on in this little bar but again it has a light pleasant scent...and yes, somehow it is a bit fizzy!

This little black container is filled with a coffee scrub in Hot Cocoa Espresso scent. The aroma is just what you'd expect, like a chocolaty cup of coffee.  This contains brown sugar, coffee, vanilla and cacao powder and is used for exfoliation.  The card says that the caffeine detoxifies the skin and aides with cellulite and dryness.  I thought this product was intended for the face but it says "For body only".  There is not enough product here to do much for large areas so it would have to be applied sparingly.  (Excuse me while I battle my own insecurities!)

It's always good to see candles of any size in a sub box.  This one is called "The Nutcracker" and is charmingly packaged in a little tin wrapped in nutcracker patterned pink paper.  This 100% soy wax candle contains a seasonal blend of cinnamon, sage and an essential oil blend.  I am burning this as I write and what I especially love is the wood wick which crackles slightly as it burns.  This is a tiny candle but again, a beautiful product!

As enjoyable as it is to open an Amor Naturals box, it is a letdown to discover that most of these products are not available in the full sizes on their site.  I'm sure they do sell out very quickly but I remember running into the same issue with the Fall box. At the time of this writing, there are only three products available in full sizes and none of them are products that were sampled in this box. That is frustrating as full size versions of these would make fantastic gifts! I hope that is just a learning curve issue and that future boxes will contain samples of products that are actually available in larger sizes.  Are you listening Amor Naturals?  What is the point of an AMAZING sample box if the full sizes are not available?  I think this is just the third box for this new company so hopefully, their store will be more fully stocked in 2015.

By the way, it was interesting to me that all six items in this box were almost exactly the same items that were included in the Fall box...just different scents. I'm not complaining because I'm completely charmed with these boxes; it's just an observation.

It looks like Amor Naturals' Holiday box is now sold out, but the Spring box will be shipped in March. The site does not appear to be accepting new subscribers right now but I'm guessing they will start taking orders for the Spring box around the first of February.  If you're interested, I strongly advise you to sign up for their newsletter so you can be advised when the subscription window opens. When you do subscribe, use code FREESHIP14 to get free shipping on your first box.

When full size products do become available on the site, use code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 10% off. Unfortunately, this does not work for the subscription boxes.

Trust me...this sub box company and shopping site are worth keeping on your radar. There seem to be capacity issues at present but if you can get your hands on these products, you'll be head over heels about them, just as I am!


Disclosure:  Views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly my own.  Product discussed in this post was purchased with my own money. Post does not contain referral or affiliate links.

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