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Pet Gift Box Review, December 2014 + FREE First Box ($4.99 S&H), Hurry, offer ends 12/31/14!!

It's a good thing I employ a total pro when it comes to pet box inspections.  If I didn't, he'd surely be on strike by now with all the pup subscription boxes piling up around here. Although he has had recent surgery, Tucker is no slacker.  He pushes through the discomfort and tackles his job with his usual dogged determination! <groan...sorry!>

Pet Gift Box is new to Tucker and me.  The premise is similar to other pet subscription services. They send high quality pet toys and healthy treats for dogs and cats. You can sign up for a subscription for $17.99 a month or gift a single box for $24.99.  You can also do a 3, 6 or 12 month gift subscription for $17.99 a month. For dogs, you'll be asked the pup's name and size (Petite, Mid-Sized or Hefty). Boxes are shipped during the first week of each month.

Our first Pet Gift Box arrived in a sizable branded cardboard box that weighs a little under two pounds.

Inside, the contents were wrapped in brown paper sealed with a sticker hand addressed to Tucker. Nice touch!

We noticed right away that there are a LOT of toys in this box!

The card tells the name of each item and its retail price.

Despite the fact that Tucker currently has about 15 stitches across four surgical incisions, he dove in nose first. 

The first item he pulled out was this big light green fleece starfish with a squeaker inside from Vermont Fleece.  This measures about 9" in diameter.  Retail $7.69

Next is a toy called a Hi Flying Skinneeez.  This is a very soft stuffing-free toy attached to a rope ring that is great for throwing or playing tug-of-war.  This is a really great design for those who have Destructo-Dogs!  It looks enough like a squirrel, Tucker's nemesis, that I think he'll love chasing this when it's in the air. Oh and it even has a little squeaker in the tail!  Retail $14.09

The only edible item in the box is a bag of Pup-rrr-Mint Dental Chews.  These have a strong spearmint scent and also contain parsley and dill. They clean teeth and freshen breath. Because of the fairly strong smell, I was skeptical that Tucker would accept these.  He not only took one, but it was gone in a few minutes.  I like that the box is customized enough that we received the "Small" size of these which is appropriate for his mouth.  Retail $6.79 

The next item is a Crazy Critters plush covered rubber ball with a squeaker in both the head and the tail.  Again, no stuffing to remove.  This is a great throwing and fetching toy if you can trust your dog not to rip the tail off the first chance he or she gets! Retail $9.09

They even included a holiday toy; how cool is that?  This plush penguin is quite chubby and has a squeaker inside. Tucker may be too "mature" for this one but I really like it!  Retail $7.89

The last toy is adorable but Tucker will not be getting this one.  He would destroy it in probably 15 seconds.  This is a round latex pig from Black-Eyed Cuties with a squeaker inside.  Cute--yes.  Practical for this household--no.  Retail $6.99

"Pleeeze....just a few seconds, that's all I need!"  Nosirreeebob!!

OK, so what I like, no LOVE about this box is the retail value which is $52.54.  Since this was my first box, I got it with a discount code for $8.99.  (Not to're going to do even better below!)  We have never received a pet subscription box that gave that good a value for the price paid. Even if I'd paid the full $17.99, this was still a great deal.  The toys are all of a quality that I probably wouldn't pay for at the pet store so this is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade Tucker's toy cabinet.

The only minor quibble I have (which I hate to bring up because of the tremendous value of this box) is that there was only one edible in the box. Tucker lives for treats and although I was thrilled with receiving so many great toys, he would have liked more to eat.  Maybe next time?

I am rarely tempted to sign up for long term pet box subscriptions because the value usually isn't that great.  But if our next Pet Gift Box is as good as this one, they may be stuck with us for at least a year. Outstanding job PGB!

Now to share the joy. Use the code "newyears" and Pet Gift Box will send you your first box for FREE; just pay $4.99 for handling. Judging from what we just received, that is way more than fair. But you'll need to hurry. When the year's up, this deal ends.  Put down the eggnog and jump on're not going to see a better pet box deal ever!

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