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MunchPak Snack Subscription Box Review, December 2014 + Discount Codes!

If it's virtuous snack foods that you're looking for, please skip this post!  But if you want to take a break from health obsessed eating and maybe re-visit the gastronomic innocence and fun of your childhood, MunchPak just might have the relief you need. MunchPak is a snack subscription service that currently offers the following plans: 

Original MunchPak (12+ full size snacks each month)

  • Monthly - $21.00 (3.00)
  • 3 Mos. - $63.00 (6.00)
  • 6 Mos. - $126.00 (6.00)
  • 12 Mos. - $252.00 (35.00)

FamilyPak (22+ full size snacks each month)

  • Monthly - $39.00 (3.00)
  • 3 Mos. - $117.00 (6.00)
  • 6 Mos. - $243.00 (6.00)
  • 12 Mos. - $468.00 (35.00)
The shipping costs are shown in parenthesis and represent a one time flat charge. Looks like the only incentive to choose a longer term is a savings on shipping, at least up to the six month level.  I really don't understand why the full shipping cost (almost) kicks back in at the annual subscription level.

Since the last time I reviewed MunchPak (June, 2014), they have added an element of customization to their boxes, but there is a cost.  On the order page, there is a fairly lengthy list of categories of snacks that you can mark as "Preferred" or as "Non-Preferred".  Snack categories are things like Nuts, Salty, Sweet, Spicy, Chewy, Crunchy, Gummy, etc.  The cost of each customization choice is $1 per month of the subscription plan you choose.  If you don't opt for any customization, you'll just get a mix of items chosen for you by MunchPak.

MunchPaks normally arrive during the first week of the month.  My December MunchPak arrived on the 7th.  Mine is the Original Munchpak with no customization.  

Prior MunchPaks have had several repeats in them but this one had only one item that I've received before.  That item is the CurlyWurly which has been in almost every MunchPak to date.  Since I don't eat milk chocolate, most of my friends and family have been gifted with at least one of these. (I'm told they are good.)  The other candy bar looking thing is a Dorino Kolumbo, a milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts and honey from Croatia.  Don't think I've ever received candy from Croatia before!

The biggest item in the box is a package of Ri-Chee in Milk flavor (huh?) from the Philippines. From the picture on the front, I'm guessing this is an Asian version of Captain Crunch cereal.  

Next is something that resembles a big Fig Newton, a Date Filled Cookie Bar.  Most of the rest of the writing on the package is Arabic and it looks like this comes from Saudi Arabia.  A date based snack from that part of the world seems appropriate.

There are three slim bars, Bocadin, a chocolate wafer from Mexico, then a Cadbury Fudge bar from...where else?  The U.K.!  The third one is a Coco Dance, described as a chocolate coated coconut bar, from Turkey.

Another treat from the Philippines is this cute little box of Jack 'n Jill Pretzels (chocolate sticks).

When I first signed up for MunchPak, I heaved a sigh of relief when I realized I had missed out on the giant pickle they sent out the month before I subscribed.  Well, my luck ran out.  There was one big wet sloppy pickle in this box and of course....the bag leaked.  The damage wasn't too bad but still there was a certain amount of pickle juice that had to be mopped off some of the other items.  Friends and family beware...I'll be farming this one out to one of you!

On a much more welcome note, there is a fun little pack of Hello Kitty Jelly Bellies in all the red and pink flavors like Cotton Candy, Sour Cherry, Bubble Gum, Red Apple, Strawberry Cheesecake and Very Cherry.  Wish this was a much bigger package!

There is a big Nutymax hazelnut cream filled chocolate bar from Turkey.  Isn't Nutymax a great name for a candy bar?  Why didn't we think of that?

A pretty sizable bag of Ding Dong mixed nuts comes from the Philippines.  This is a salty mix of peanuts, green peas, corn and broad beans.  Sorry friends and family, you won't be getting this one!

The last item in December's box is another candy bar that appears to be a Kit Kat bar under another name...Fifty by Gastone Lago which I think comes from Italy.  I will make an exception to my "no milk chocolate" rule for anything resembling a Kit Kat!

As you can see, this box really contained a United Nations of snacks.  I've never received this many foreign snacks in a MunchBox before. A foreign candy subscription company went out of business earlier this year so I'm wondering if MunchPak may have bought their inventory? Whether they did or not, this was an interesting box to explore and a nice change of mix from past boxes.

If you're interested in trying MunchPak, here are some of the discount codes that worked as of the date of this post:

U2BPAK gets $3 off your order
SNACKIN gets $2 off your order
LITTLETHINGS gets 10% off subscription

Let the snacking commence!


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