Friday, December 5, 2014

BarkBox Dog Subscription Review, November 2014 + $10 and 10% Discount Codes!

I have been informed by the resident canine that we are way overdue for a BarkBox review.  I don't know who gets more excited on BarkBox arrival days, Tucker or me. (But I do know who tries to climb IN the box...and it is not me.)  Tucker is a superb sniffer...after all, dachshunds were originally bred to sniff out burrowed-in badgers. Since badgers are in short supply around here, Tucker especially appreciates any new sniffing opportunity.  (We do have possums.  Let me just say...if you're a possum, you do NOT want to come face to face with Tucker!  Likewise, squirrels are not tolerated.)

First, the box gets a professional once-over.  Then, it's down to business.

All the dog boxes we've received have come wrapped pretty much the same way...big branded box with doggy-print paper surrounding the goods.

The assortment is similar each month and generally suitable for the size dog you indicate in the initial profile.  There are usually a couple of toys, a bag of healthy snacks and a couple of chew treats.

The explanatory card says that the theme this month is "celebrating the joys of cooking".  That works for Tucker.  He is so enamored with the kitchen in general that he now has a bed (his fifth) and his own heater in the middle of the kitchen.  Spoiled much?  Nah. The second card announces the opening of their on-line retail site called BarkShop where you can get individual items that have been featured in their boxes. (Get a $10 discount code below.)

The "Squeak 'n Treat Booya" is a rubber orange chew toy with a squeaker inside that is marked for "Small" dogs. The white card above explains why they sent a toy marked for a "Small" dog in the "Medium" box that we get. Tucker and I agree with their assessment. This tough little toy would probably be too much for the jaws of an under 20 pounder. (Tucker weighs 24 lbs.; he would like me to let everyone know that he can definitely handle this!)

There is a really soft hedgehog toy in a chef outfit.  (It doesn't sit up too well so it's assisted here with a plate stand.)  This one crinkles when it is squeezed, a sound effect that really turns a lot of dogs on!

Tucker's favorite item in every box is the bag of treats.  These are Turducken (chicken inside duck inside turkey) baked treats and no surprise....he LOVES them!

Next is a "Diggin Your Dog Charki-O's" which is a freeze-dried beef trachea treat topped with liver sprinkles.  Looks and sounds disgusting but we know from prior experience, these things are a BIG hit around here!

BarkBox makes a real effort to send only USA-sourced items and non-rawhide chews. Tucker loves everything he's ever received from Barkworthies.  This time, it's a Junior Bully Stick, made from 100% beef bladder.  The more revolting it sounds, the better Tucker likes it.

The total value of this box is $27. The boxes cost between $19 and $29 depending on the length of your subscription. So, this is not a great value but it is convenient and definitely keeps your dog happy. BarkBox consistently sends a good mix of high quality toys and delicious treats that will entertain your pup and satisfy his or her chewing needs.  

If you would like to make an a la carte purchase at BarkShop, use code WelcomeToBarkShop at checkout for $10 off your first order.

Click here to get 10% off your first BarkBox subscription.  Keep in mind that there are significant discounts for longer term subscriptions.  That's important since individual box values are pretty close to the price of a month to month subscription.

A pair of big sad eyes and long floppy ears are telling me it's time to stop writing and start handing out treats!


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