Sunday, September 21, 2014

Square Hue Nail Polish Subscription Box Review, September 2014 + FREE Surprise Box Code!

In keeping with their travel theme (The Passport Collection) this year, the inspiration for Square Hue's September nail polish subscription box comes from Sydney, Australia. When I first opened this box, I was a bit dismayed by the colors, thinking that none of them would work for me. Square Hue has a stated goal of providing the latest trends in polish colors and encouraging subscribers to try shades they would never choose for themselves.  For me, that was certainly the case with this group.  But I'm happy to admit that my initial impression was wrong and that my nail polish horizons are being expanded thanks to the efforts of Square Hue!

September's box included the three Sydney themed polishes and an introductory card in a small white custom fitted box.  

Here are color swatches from the three bottles.  Unfortunately, they don't come across in the photo as beautifully as they actually look.

My absolute favorite in this collection is "Crown Drive" which is a stunning reddish orange color with a micro shimmer that really takes it beyond the ordinary.  This is demonstrated in the first swatch on the left above. On the card, this color is called "Crown Street" but the bottle is actually labeled "Crown Drive".  I have photographed the back sides of the actual bottles since the front is pretty much obscured with the Square Hue label.

The second color (in the middle above) is "Oxford Street", another micro shimmer in an orangey gold shade.  This one really doesn't suit my coloring but it is a surprisingly sophisticated color that is much prettier than it looks in the bottle.

The third polish is "King Street" which is a combination of brick red and purple....again, quite different than it looks in the bottle.  This one is a matte high gloss creme formulation.

The appearance of all three of these polishes was a surprise when applied.  I liked them much better than upon first impression in the bottle.  All three are on trend fall colors in shades I don't already own.  As I mentioned in my previous review, I really like Square Hue's block shaped bottles because there is far less chance of tipping one over than with most other nail polish bottles!

Milan is the destination theme for Square Hue's October box.  If you want to hop on board, the cost is $14.99 per box plus $5.00 for shipping.  Square Hue has offered my readers a FREE surprise box along with the first box in your order.  Use code surprise52 to get your free box. If you sign up before the end of September, you should get the surprise box and the Milan box at about the same time.  If you sign up after the first of October, you'll get the surprise box when you sign up, then your first box will ship around the first of November.

I haven't seen the surprise box myself so am hoping one of my readers will let us know what it contains. (I'm guessing it's one of the prior month's destination boxes which would be a terrific freebie!)

Happy Fall and polish on!


P.S.  If any reader would like to forward a photo of a full manicure using a Square Hue shade, I'll be glad to include that in next month's review.

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