Tuesday, September 16, 2014

French Box Review, September 2014, first box just $14!

How does this sound for a subscription box concept:  "The latest in fashion, beauty secrets and gourmet recipes from France"?  All I can say is it worked on me!  Of course, the fact that I've been watching French travelogues on YouTube lately may have had a wee bit of influence as well.  At any rate, my first French Box just arrived and let's just say je suis tres heureux!

The packaging for this box (their very first one!) is beautiful. Here's a little pictorial of the trail to reach the goods...elegance all the way:

And finally, we are there!  The beautiful pink and white box is a real keeper, both sturdy enough and beautiful enough for storing your treasures.  Inside is a trove of carefully curated items that will delight any lady Francophile.

The information card shows a photo of each product, tells about it and gives the full size retail price. There is a large "I am like a fine wine...." post card and another card containing a recipe for Red Wine Poached Pears.  That one doesn't appeal to me at all but I do like the idea of getting French recipes.

There is a very ladylike canvas wine bag that says "Yes Way Rose" in pink on both sides and has a beautiful Whispering Angel logo on the bottom of each side.  Quite an elegant way to transport a bottle of wine!  

Next is a 1 oz. bottle of make-up remover from Caudalie.  Caudalie is a fairly new French cosmetics manufacturer that only came to be in 1995.  They quickly developed a reputation for quality beauty and anti-aging products, many made with resveratrol extracted from grapevines.  This brand has developed quite a following and I am thrilled to get anything from them.  But...it would have been nice to get something a little less mundane than a small bottle of make-up remover.  Maybe a lipstick next time?

Oddly, this beautiful lip pencil from Sothys is not listed on the information card. Maybe it was a last minute addition?  The shade is "brun veloute" which means "velvety brown" but I'd say it's more of a light pinkish brown color, very close to natural lip color.  One end is the lip liner and the other end has a very finely molded and pointed brush.  I assume this is for lipstick or lip gloss application but it's so fine that I'm not sure how practical it would be for that purpose.  Perhaps it's for making lip liner corrections?  

A purely Parisian addition to this box is a hot pink embroidered Eiffel Tower bracelet from Missiu.  I can't see wearing this by itself but it might make a fun addition to an arm party. French for sure but not too practical.  (Francais pour vous, mais pas trop pratique!)

I wondered what the next product, Pure Fruit Bites by BuddyFruits, had to do with France. The only connection I can find is that the company was started by a French family that was traveling through the U.S. and couldn't find healthy snacks for their kids.  I believe this brand is widely distributed in the U.S. now although I am not familiar with it.  These are basically banana flavored gummies.

I've been saving the BEST for last!  The piece de resistance in this box is this gorgeous lipstick from Sothys Paris.  This one is in an absolutely beautiful color called "Brun Chaud" which is a strong brownish red color packaged in an elegant brushed gold case. Just lovely! 

So that was the collection in my first French Box.  Overall it was a nice mix of items representing several top brands from France.  The lipstick and lip liner alone were easily worth the entire price of the box!  I'm really intrigued that they've dipped their toe in the Caudalie brand and really hope to see that expanded with more exciting products in future boxes.

The monthly subscription cost for French Box is $24 or a year is $228 (a substantial $60 savings). I'm not aware of any discount codes at the moment.  However, the first month is only $14, which is a more than fair price to try out this subscription box. There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

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Au revoir pour l'instant!


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