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Beauty Box Five August 2014 Review + Mystery Box Review + Code for FREE Box!

Beauty Box Five is a subscription box company whose name tells you exactly what you'll get each month....five samples and full size beauty products. Their boxes may include makeup, accessories, hair products, skincare, fragrance, body or nail products.  Most of their items are drug store products but you sometimes get higher end or niche brands as well.  

The pricing plan is simple with discounts for longer term subscriptions:

Monthly recurring - $12.00
Quarterly recurring - $30.00
Yearly recurring - $99.00  

Sign up by the 21st to get this month's box.  If you sign up after the 21st, you'll get the following month's box.

Due to an irresistible offer (see below for code), I recently re-subscribed after a two year hiatus from this company. My first box plus a free "Mystery Beauty" box arrived in August. Unfortunately, the first box was missing a product.  Because Beauty Box Five includes a card telling you what should be in the box, I could see that a nail polish was missing.  I contacted them and their great customer service person arranged to send the missing polish immediately.  So now that everything is here, I'm ready to write this review!

Beauty Box Five arrived in a small branded green box.

The August box contained an information card and a nice assortment of items, four that I'd call luxury sample sizes and one full size.

The information card shows a mini photo of each item, gives its name and a description plus the retail price.  I really like this straightforward and clear format.

The item that was missing from this box was the Style Essentials nail polish.  They quickly sent a replacement and the one I received was a pretty green color in a .25 oz. sample size.  I don't see a shade name on this one.

Next is a package of eight facial cleansing wipes by La Fresh.  I have come to really like these and use them both at home and on the go regularly.  Since they are common in subscription boxes, I have a lot of them!

Another product that I've received in several sub boxes is Novex Brazilian Keratin "Food Therapy", a deep conditioner for hair.  For best results, you do have to leave this in your hair for at least 25 minutes but I've found that it really does leave my hair as soft and manageable as my hair can get...and getting my hair to CALM DOWN is quite an accomplishment!  Since I have short hair, one of these packages lasts me for about three applications.

And, of course, we have the obligatory Purlisse moisturizer sample.  Apparently there is a law that every beauty box must contain one of these.  I have a lifetime supply of Purlisse! Oh well, it is a very good moisturizer with a ridiculously high retail value.  If you're gonna get a LOT of one product, this is not a bad one to receive.

The fifth and final product in the box is a full size Nanacoco Lip Gloss in "Secret Crush".  This is in a rectangular acrylic tube and the shade is a very wearable woodsy rose color.

The next five products are from the Mystery Box which is the bonus that you get with a new subscription.  This box contained three luxury samples, one full size product and one item whose size I'm not sure about.

The card in this box does not give any specific product information at all, just some general information about how Beauty Box Five works.  I'm guessing this is so they can be flexible about what goes in a Mystery Box.  (Kinda like mystery meat in the junior high school cafeteria!)

I don't know if the Be A Bombshell eye shadow in "Dancing Queen" is full size or not.  At just .05 oz., it is quite tiny but I know that single eye shadows these days are not very big.  And, of course, the manufacturer's site does not tell you.  This is a versatile frosted sterling silver color which I would think is best for accenting or highlighting.

The second Mystery Box product is a 1 oz. sample of Coolway "Cleanse & Hydrate" conditioner. I like getting hair products but it would have been nice if they'd included the matching shampoo.

Next is a full size moisturizing lip balm by Body Drench called "Lip Drench" in Eucalyptus scent.  I go through lip balms like crazy so this will definitely get used. There is also a small sample of h2O+ Marine Cleansing Gel called "Aqualibrium".  I like getting facial cleansers of any kind but there really isn't much here....maybe two or three uses.

The final product is a clay infused fabric mud mask from Glacial Clay Spa which contains clay, cloudberry and red grape.  Facial masks of various types are pretty common in sub boxes. Although the package is colorful and interesting, I've found these to be questionable in effectiveness.

That's everything from both the August box and the free Mystery box that I got for signing up. Not a bad start for the measly $12 I paid!

Now for the GREAT news!  Use code FREEBOXME to get a free Mystery box along with the first box in your order.  This is one of the better incentives I've seen from a beauty sub company and a very good reason to try them out.

As I mentioned at the top, this is my second go round with Beauty Box Five.  The missing nail polish incident gave me a chance to experience their customer service, which was professional and flawless. If your expectations are under control (meaning you'll get  mostly drug store items, not high end brands), I think you'll be happy with BB5! 


P.S.  Be sure to check the "Blog Sale" tab.  I've just added a ton of new products....almost all full sized with many high end brands!  Prices shown include shipping. Of course, if you have questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

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