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Orange Glad Sweet Box Gourmet Desserts September 2014 Review + Discount Codes!

It is rare for me to write a review mostly from memory but that is the case with the Orange Glad box for September.  That is because much of the contents are now snuggled safely in my stomach.  I have no self control.  But in my defense, most of the treats are quite perishable...these are not things you can stash away for later.  Don't judge me.  

Orange Glad sends a box full of deluxe size gourmet desserts and treats each month. They offer two sizes of boxes, the Sweet Box and the Double Treats Box.  Their site does not give much information regarding what you can expect but I have usually received about five items in the box I get which is the Sweet Box.  The Double Treats Box should be about twice as much.  Pricing plans are as follows:

Sweet Box

Monthly - $15 + S&H
Three Months - $14 + S&H
Six Months - $13 + S&H

Double Treats Box

Monthly - $27 + S&H
Three Months - $26 + S&H
Six Months - $25 + S&H

The shipping amount for the Sweet Box is $6.95 for me; I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere. These are recurring plans and you can cancel at any time.  You can also order various gift boxes and gift subscriptions on their site.  

September's Sweet Box was unusually well insulated.  The outer box is a 10"x7"x5" branded cardboard box. 

The contents were nestled inside insulated bubble wrap with a freezer pack on each side and crinkle shreds stuffed all around.

The actual treats were inside a 6"x6"x4" white inner box trimmed with aqua satin ribbon and an Orange Glad sticker on top.

Inside this box were three colorful paper sacks tied with string and two other desserts.  (This feels like I'm describing a Russian nesting doll!)  Orange Glad really does an exquisite job of packing and presentation.

They include a color card with a photo of each item, information about the products and who made them plus how quickly each item should be consumed.

The first package contained two Raspberry Twists from Irene's Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen which specializes in Jewish sweet treats.  These had a sugar coating and were delicious, although I probably should have heated them first.

The next item was the first one devoured---a package of Jackie O's from Studmuffin Desserts. These were chocolate chip meringues...absolutely delicious but way too few of them! (Orange Glad, can you just send a whole huge box of these for October?)

Then came an enormous Gourmet Cinnamon Roll from Seattle's Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co. By some miracle, I haven't opened this yet but it looks amazing.  It's also big enough for two or three servings unless one is just beyond all discipline.  In that case....GO FOR IT!

I didn't expect to love the Lavender Shortbread Cookies from Miette, because they were described as having a "restrained floral taste" provided by "lavender picked from the fields at Eatwell Farms in Dixon, California".  I'm not in the habit of eating lavender but to my surprise, these were absolutely delicious.  If there was a lavender taste, it was barely noticeable. Really, really good bite size cookies!

Last but certainly not least is the "Awaken Baked Espresso Cookie" from The Cookie Department. This looks wonderful and the package says it contains the caffeine equivalent of one espresso shot.  I plan to make an event out of eating this cookie!

That's what came in my Orange Glad box for September.  The cinnamon roll and the chocolate cookie are the only two items remaining.  (I am not going to tell you when this box got here....let's just say it was "recent"!)

If you're interested in trying Orange Glad, you can use code CHERYLOG3226 for a $5 credit on a new subscription.  Or you can use YUMMY10 for 10% off your purchase.

By the way, when you visit Orange Glad's website, check out the amazing desserts that can be purchased a la carte.  I'm tempted to do a little shopping there soon myself!

Be sweet and enjoy,


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