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Happy Dog Box Review, March 2014 + 50% off Your First Box!

4/30/14 Update:  I heard from Happy Dog today that they are not accepting new subscribers at the moment.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page!  

In my humble opinion, one of the best subscription boxes around is Happy Dog Box. They provide a monthly surprise box full of healthy gourmet treats, toys and other products for your dog.  Each box contains four to six products, mostly things you won't find at your typical big box pet store.  Another thing I really like about Happy Dog Box is that they donate part of their profits to shelters and rescue foundations.  

Happy Dog Boxes are available with customized products for different sized dogs:

Small (10 to 20 lbs.)

Medium (20 to 50 lbs.)
Large (50+ lbs.)

For this review, I enlisted the assistance of an expert product tester who also serves as Chief of Security around here.  Tucker weighs about 24 lbs., so I chose the Medium size box.  All of the products we received are 100% suitable for him size-wise.

Nothing coming in the front door escapes Tucker's scrutiny, especially not a big box of dog treats!  To say he was ecstatic would be putting it mildly.  I don't think I've ever seen him show as much interest in any sealed box!  

Inside the box was one toy and seven food or treat items.  The enclosed card tells about each brand and mentions that two bonus treats for trying them out are included in the box.  

There were two rawhide type treats, one a spiral and the other a bigger hollow bone.  I believe these were the two bonus items in the box. Tucker, a devoted chewer, decided he'd like to sample the spiral first.  It vanished quickly.  Hopefully, the bigger rawhide chew will last longer since he's a smaller dog.    

Next is a 4 oz. package of "It's Purely Natural" dog treats by Loving Pets.  These are all natural dog chews that are both crunchy and chewy.  Tucker gave these two thumbs up!

The "Dogsbar" by Dog for Dog is a peanut butter flavored all natural gluten free snack bar. One thing I love about this company is that they donate a product to a dog in need for every product you buy.  Tucker has not sampled this one yet but if he likes them, I'll definitely buy more....knowing the purchase will help a homeless dog.  

There are two small packages of "Licks" by Zen, liquid vitamins that are also a holistic calming agent. According to the directions, this product can be administered with the dog's food, water or directly to your pup.  The back of the package says they are recommended as a calming agent for dogs to help reduce stress and anxiety.  

As you can see, Tucker is not a stressed dog, but in the interest of market research, he has agreed to test these out!  

The last food item is a package of "Yumzies" natural soft moist dog treats by Nootie in natural peanut butter flavor.  These are healthy grain-free treats with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote your dog's healthy skin and coat.  This is a generously sized 6 oz. package and the treats are small enough to use for training purposes.  Tucker really likes these.  I think I'll keep them by my computer since he's usually in here assisting me.  

The biggest item in this box is a "Dental Links" chew toy by Orka.  There are two hard rubber rings linked with a rope ring in the center.  The rope ring helps to remove tartar as the dog chews.  The three rings have different textures and feel quite durable and rugged.  There are very few toys Tucker can't destroy, so I'll reserve judgment on this one.  

As I was opening the chew toy, Tucker sat up and insisted on having a closer look!  Since he is an expert chewer, I'm skeptical about the rubber rings lasting for long. You can bet he'll give them a professional stress test.

You can purchase the Happy Dog Box on a month to month basis ($25/mo.), as a three month subscription ($25/mo) or as a six month subscription ($21/mo.)  Free shipping with all plans.  You can also gift boxes at the same prices.  

If you would like to try Happy Dog Box, click here to get 50% off your first box.  Your pup will think he or she is in heaven!

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Alissa Tadlock said...

Is there a coupon code for the 50% off? I clicked the link and it didn't work. Thanks!

Lone Star Shopper said...

Hi Alissa:

I'm so sorry about that. If you'll send me your e-mail address, I'll submit it to them directly so you can get the discount. Please e-mail me at thelonestarshopper@gmail.com

Thanks, Cheryl