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Fortune Cookie Soap Company Spring Soap Box Review + $5 off!

The Fortune Cookie Soap Company's website is loaded with beautiful hand crafted soaps, face and hair products, bath and body products, accessories and gift sets. Their signature fortune cookie shaped soaps come in a delectable variety of colors and scents.  The FCSC puts out a box called "The Soap Box" once per quarter to advertise the launch of new products and fragrances for that season.

The Spring box was truly a feast for the eyes and nose!  This charming little box contained eight products nested in hot pink paper shreds with a sprinkling of silk flower petals.  This is a box I almost didn't want to open out of reluctance to disturb such a beautiful presentation!

For Spring, the theme of the box was "Garden of Good & Evil" with three products classified as "The Goods" and four classified as "The Evils".  The explanatory card shows the products on one side and gives a brief description of each on the back. One of the "Evils" is a small vial of Venus Fly Trap Perfume Oil, a strong floral scent, which I don't particularly like.

The "Bloom Bloom Room" is a small pink flower shaped bath fizzy with a wonderful sweet scent combination that includes jasmine, lilac and lily of the valley, as well as fresh peach and citrus....topped off with spun sugar. This is one I might actually want to purchase from their web store.  I see that many of the products in this scent are sold out on the site, but as they have about 16 items in the scent, I'm sure there will be something to keep my nose happy. The fortune cookie soap included in this box is the "Forbidden Fruit" scent, another "evil" that combines verbena, blueberry and lemon.  The fortune strip in mine read "A one-of-a-kind hot bath will keep you warm for years".  So true!  The gold wrapped square is called "Me So Thorny Steam Me Up Scotty!"  I think this is to be used in the shower.  Its complex scent is composed of citrus, lavender, french vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood....lovely!

From the "Garden of Good" is a hand sanitizer called "Afternoon Delight OCD" which combines the scents of watermelon, apricots and white florals and a luscious coconut-scented body wash called "Native Nectar". These are both sample sizes containing enough product for a few uses each.

Another "Garden of Evil" product sample is "Make It Rain", which I believe is a body butter.  It is a pale icy blue color and smells like citrus and jasmine with a hint of cedar.  The last "Garden of Good" item is "Marshmallow Dreams", a cuticle butter that smells like marshmallow with hints of lavender, sage and basil.  Sounds strange, but it works!  

As you can see, this was a really beautiful box.  In reviewing the site, I notice that many of the products from the Spring box are sold out, which does not surprise me.

The Summer Soap Box will begin shipping on May 12th, so if you sign up any time soon, it will be a while before your box is shipped.  The site notes that you will be charged at the time you sign up.  Price is $19.99 with free shipping.  In addition to the eight mini products, each box also contains a one time use code that can be used towards the purchase of items in their store (but not towards a future quarterly Soap Box).

My verdict:  While not a necessity, the sheer olfactory decadence of these products is absolutely worth the price of the box.  But be careful; you just may find yourself wanting more!  

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