Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nibblr 2nd February 2014 Box Review + Free Box!

Since I've already reviewed the first Nibblr box that I received in February (see my post of February 18th), this will just be a quick review of the snacks in the second February box.

Here's what I received this time....love, love, LOVE that they take your tastes into consideration and customize your box!

First is my FAVORITE snack so far...."Cocoa-Nuts".  This mix is composed of dark chocolate almonds and coconut flakes...can it get much better?  I want MORE!!!

Next, from left to right is "7th Inning Stretch", a corn nut and flax sea salt pretzel pearls mix. The unexpected twist here is the sweet and salty contrast.  For this one, I would have preferred just salty, but this is good.  I will have no trouble making it disappear.

"Sesa-Me & You" is almonds dipped in honey and coated in sesame seeds...earning a "Love It" rating on my list.  

Last is "Fruit Fusion".  I really like the dried fruit mixes but they sure don't last long. This one consists of apricots, orange fruit pieces and peaches.  Best of all, there are zero fat grams in this mix...a huge plus in my book.  

Once again for February, Nibblr nailed it!  My only complaint is that there just isn't enough in these boxes....maybe it's time to increase my subscription frequency!


If you decide to sign up for Nibblr, you'll have an opportunity to enter a referral code during the simple registration process.  Please use my code, 2745, and you will receive a free box. The price you pay starts with the second box and depends on the number of boxes and delivery frequency you choose.  

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