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Square Hue Nail Polish Subscription Review, August 2015 + FREE Surprise Box Code!

The Decades Collection from Square Hue continues in August with a tribute to the 1970's.  In case you've missed the last few reviews, Square Hue sends three of the trendiest seasonal polishes in limited edition shades each month.  This year, they are interpreting each decade by color.  So far, we've received a stunning array of shades and finishes, starting with the 1900's.  

If you were alive in the 70's, I bet you know where this is going.  Yep, lots of disco inspired sparkle arrived in July's box!  I saw my fair share of a few discos in their heyday and let me just tell you...."Saturday Night Fever" was NO exaggeration. Neither are the shades in this box.

For some reason, Square Hue's bottles are branded with a big white square on the front which makes it difficult to see the colors at a glance.  So, here's a shot of the same three bottles from the back.

Square Hue has thoughtfully provided a swatch card for the truly obsessed; you can swatch each new color received and file the cards for future reference.  (This wouldn't seem so silly if you could see my nail polish collection!)

The first shade in the 70's trio is "Watergate 1973"; it's an almost electric teal blue color loaded with micro glitter. (How this color relates to Watergate escapes me.) This is an ultra cool shade that reminds me of the ocean.

Next is "iPolish 1976", which is a white high gloss creme.  This is pure white nail polish...I mean PURE white!  Some women love white nails but aside from French manicures, this one doesn't seem terribly practical to me.  Plus, I just don't get the name.

Third, we have "Night Fever 1977" which is a holographic silver micro glitter.  This is pure disco ball and probably the finest silver glitter nail polish I've ever seen. With several coats, you can wear this alone or it can just be swiped over any other shade for a more festive look.

Here are swatches of the three 70's shades.  I darkened the photo just enough that the white polish in the center can be seen.

So, here's my take.  The blue and silver polishes are absolutely stunning. The formulas are spectacular. Are they wearable? That depends.  If you're looking to draw attention to your nails, yes.  If subdued is more your style, no.  I'm not enough of a nail polish maven to know exactly what to do with the white polish but I suppose it could always be used on an accent nail or to alter other shades.

Overall, this isn't my favorite "Decades" collection.  It does reflect the era beautifully but it just isn't that wearable.  I suppose these polishes will round out my collection but they aren't ones that I will use on a regular basis.  These are night time or special occasion lacquers and that's what I'll save them for.

Square Hue has recently introduced a subscription option that will be welcomed by many customers.  You can opt to receive just two bottles per month, rather than three. The 2-polish boxes are $10.99 per month and the 3-polish boxes are $14.99 per month. Shipping is $5 per box to the U.S. or $10 to Canada.

For a free surprise box with your first order, sign up for Nail Mail and they'll send you a coupon code.  The code surprise14 should also get you the free box. The 70's collection is fun to look at and play with but I'm really hoping for more wearable (i.e., less sparkly!) shades in the 80's collection which we'll get in September.


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