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Little Lace Box (+ Serendipity) Review, August 2015 + $10 Discount Codes!

The word "curation" gets over-used a lot in the subscription box review universe.  I'm as guilty as the next blogger.  However, there just isn't any other term to describe what sets Little Lace Box apart from other lifestyle boxes.  Their boxes are exquisitely curated and the creativity behind their choices compares to none.  They've had some rocky months as they've transitioned to a bi-monthly schedule but the issues were never about quality.

When Little Lace Box switched to every other month shipping in April, they surprised subscribers with an unexpected gift in the off months....a package called "Serendipity" which contained several small unrelated but nice-to-have items.  No promises were made but the first Serendipity shipment arrived in early June. Because of a vendor issue, the second Serendipity shipment was included with the scheduled August Little Lace Box. 

For August, the theme of the Little Lace Box is literature, in particular, Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice", which inspired the "Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy" theme. In case you haven't read the book, Elizabeth is the heroine and Mr. Darcy is the leading man in this classic romance.  

For this review, I've separated out the Little Lace Box items from the Serendipity items.  The four LLB products all relate in some charming way to the Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy theme.

Information about the items comes in the form of a chatty letter-like sheet from the Little Lace Box ladies.  They go beyond the usual spare descriptions, telling us why they chose each item, how it relates to the theme and other details of interest.

The "star" of this group is the Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy flower vase which was made in the studio of ceramic artist Mary Rose Young in the Forest of Dean in western England. This vase was made specifically for Little Lace Box.  It has two roses etched in cobalt blue, one each representing Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.  A white rose trims the rim. This is the kind of thing you get only in a Little Lace Box...just lovely!

In general, I don't like getting coupons in subscription boxes. They usually require you to do something (go to somebody else's site, set up an account, spend additional money, etc.) meaning that they never get used.  But this box includes a $40 credit on The Bouqs website, which carries all sorts of gorgeous floral arrangements.  I was skeptical, thinking the credit wouldn't go far and there would be a big shipping charge.  I was wrong.  $40 gets quite a nice arrangement and the shipping is free. All I have to do is browse among the blooms, pick one out, apply the unique code and it's on its way.  Who couldn't use a little floral luxury?   

The next item is a cute little square bottle with a roll-on applicator of "Clara" perfume oil from DefineMe.  The scent has notes of lilac, violet, hibiscus, lily and musk, a really nice light floral. This is my idea of what an English garden smells like!

The fourth and final item in the Little Lace Box is a big 8 oz. container of My Shea-rona Body Butter in the scent "You Leave Me Peachless".  This is an ultra rich formula with a very light peachy scent.  Subscribers may also have received "Lollabambooza", "Coconut Mango Mimosa" or "Oatmeal Milk & Honey".  

The Serendipity items are not tied to a theme.  They are smaller and of lower individual value... just very nice extras, as the word implies!

A separate information sheet tells about each product, again with lots of extra details.

When I saw this Get Dirty Mud Bar sample from Mindful Minerals, I didn't expect to like the smell.  It's very earthy and clean and somehow really appeals to me.  This soap includes dead sea minerals combined with natural ingredients to help fade sunspots and hyperpigmentation over time.  A separate information card is included, which explains the benefits of Mindful Minerals' products.

This Steep & Go by the Tea Spot is an ingenious little gadget that is designed to work with disposable water bottles.  The cap screws off and there is enough room in the stem for just enough loose leaf tea to flavor an average size water bottle.  In 10 minutes, you can have cold brewed tea.  As a long time tea lover who thought I had every tea accessory imaginable, this is a very unique and intriguing product!

Just in case you don't have loose leaf tea available, they included a little packet of Chill Out cold brew infusion, also from the Tea Spot.  This is a blend of caffeine-free herbal teas and looks like the perfect amount to fill the Steep & Go.

There is a foil pack of Malibu C Miracle Repair Hair Constructor, a masque that restores strength, shine and volume to your hair.  This feeds hair with plant proteins and enriches it with Vitamin B5 for mega-moisture.  My thirsty hair loves rich treatments like this.

Last but certainly not least is this adorable packet of four thank you cards with matching envelopes from  I was not familiar with this site but after checking it out, I see that they have a terrific array of customizable stationery products. Personally, I write more thank you notes than anything else so these are a really useful addition to my collection. 

Wow, that was a LOT for one lifestyle box!  Little Lace Box mentioned that they had an issue with one of the vendors for the Serendipity products which is the reason these items were packaged with the regular box.  They are still in beta testing mode for Serendipity, so I'm not sure where that effort is headed. Fun extras are always appreciated!

Pricing for Little Lace Box is as follows:

Single Month - $59.99
Six Months (3 boxes delivered bi-monthly) - $149.97
Twelve Months (6 boxes delivered bi-monthly) - $269.95
Serendipity (delivered on LLB's "off" months) - $9.99

The products in my Little Lace Boxes have been consistently interesting and of high quality, making it one of my most happily anticipated boxes!  If you're interested in subscribing, click here and use code LONESTAR10 or code LONESTARSHOPPER10 for $10 off a six or twelve month subscription.

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