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Candy Club Review, July 2015 + $20 First Box Discount!

A Candy Club subscription is about as close as you can get in your own home to being a kid in a candy store.  Just take a look at their home page; the riot of color and all things sweet is pretty much a childhood fantasy!  For $27.99, $22.99 or $19.99 a month (1, 6 or 12 months respectively), Candy Club sends a hefty box containing generous portions of three of their candies plus a big handful of something extra.

July's heat necessitated this insulated custom packaging, a pretty ingenious pop-up design to protect the contents.  This box weighed almost four pounds!  Since Candy Club sends only fruity, gummy, sour and chewy type candies, melting chocolate is not an issue.  

Opening a Candy Club box really is like having a miniature candy store arrive on your door step! Inside are three of their signature plastic containers that weigh nearly a pound apiece. These are fitted into a custom tray covered in lavender tissue.  The final touch is a bunch of colorful toffees tossed into the box.  

I forgot to take a picture of the product card but it tells about the three featured candies, what they are and where they come from.  That's important because the containers are generic and are not labeled for their specific contents.

As with my two previous boxes, two of the candies I received are sour and the third is soft fruity chews.  The first candy is Sour Cherry Slices from Allan Candy Company. These are big, round and chewy soft candies that are both tart and sweet.  

The second sour candy is a colorful assortment of Albanese Sour Gummi Poppers. The flavors here are blue raspberry, lemon, orange, strawberry and green apple. They are small little bites with a fine sugary coating.

Gimbal's Orange 'n Creme Soft Chews are in the third container.  These have the flavor of orange and cream, very much like an orange Creamsicle.  These are mild tasting and a relief from all the sour candy. They are not addictive and not something I really need in my life but they are tasty. (They are more orange than they look in the photo; my camera washed out the color a bit.)

To me, the Primrose Assorted Toffees are the best part about this box.  They are soft and creamy and come in several flavors; chocolate, vanilla, butter rum, maple and raspberry. There might be a few missing in this picture.  (ahem)

So, that's it for July's box.  I like being introduced to all these new and/or hard-to-find candies but really wish the emphasis wasn't on all the sour sweets. I do not care for sour candy and am running out of friends and neighbors who like it. Candy Club needs to add the ability to opt in or out of certain candy categories. That seems like an obvious improvement for this subscription.

To see all the possible candies you might receive from Candy Club arranged by color, click here.  You'll also see what you won't get.  I think of their products as brightly colored simple sugar candies. If you're looking for chocolate, high end artisan confections or more complex sweets, well, there are other subscriptions!

There are a lot of discount codes floating around for Candy Club. Many are good for $20 off your first order, making it as low as $7.99. To find available codes, check their Facebook page or join their mailing list (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Here are a few $20 discount codes; keep trying until you find one that works:  weird-o, fbdream20 (until 8/4/15), twitter20 or 20wonder.  If none of those work, try Awesome15 for $15 off or 10offwelcome or 20crush for $10 off.  You get the point; there are a lot of Candy Club discount codes out there.  Go get 'em!


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