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Dapper Box Men's Accessories Review, August 2015

With its debut earlier this year, Dapper Box is one of the newer men's accessories boxes. Each month, they send a box containing four or five hand selected items with a retail value up to $96.  The Dapper Box designers scour the world to find unique quality accessories that well dressed men will actually wear.  If you need a little mood music for this post, well, here ya go"!  (Never gets old, does it?)  

There are four available subscription options for Dapper Box:

Monthly - $29 per month
Three Months - $27 per month
Six Months - $25 per month
Annual - $23 per month

Shipping is free within the U.S. and international shipping is $8.  Boxes for new members will ship the same week ordered.  After that, boxes are generally shipped on the fifth of the month.  (If you sign up after the 20th, your first box will ship on the fifth.)  They give a 100% money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time. 

My Dapper Box arrived in a medium sized white cardboard box without branding.

The packaging is very basic; the items were wrapped in white tissue.  (Boxes geared towards women usually feature packaging that ranges from very nice to exquisite; I'm guessing the plainer wrap is more common in men's boxes.)

There was no information card in the box but the handsome blue and aqua theme was immediately apparent.  When I checked the Previous Boxes link on the website, I discovered that the theme for August is "Frozen Tundra".  It is in the high 90's as I write this, so I'll take all the cool inspiration I can get!

First out are these fun polka dotted socks in shades of blue, pale yellow and aqua. These might be a little loud for the gentleman I have in mind; if so, I will be swiping them!

This 100% silk blue tie has a small print in pale yellow and light blue.  It's extremely versatile and will pair well with a lot of different dress shirt colors.

There is a pair of silver metal collar stays.  These help stiffen the collar points and give the shirt that pristine professional appearance.  These are about 2-1/2" long, a length that will probably fit most collars.

There is a white pocket square, actually a pocket "round" trimmed in a blue that matches the tie...a very dapper touch!

The last item is a small bottle of aftershave splash in a scent called "Frozen Tundra". It has a very clean minty fresh scent.

What I liked most about this box was the color coordination of the accessories and the obvious quality of the tie.  I really like the socks and the collar stays and aftershave are a nice way of rounding out the contents.  At any of the subscription levels, this box provides very good value, particularly at the discounted six and twelve month rates.  An information card would have helped pull the theme together; hopefully, that's in the works for future boxes.

With all the cool blues and the "Frozen Tundra" theme, this box reminds me of a certain extremely popular Disney movie starring a young lady named Elsa! Dapper Box is definitely a great way to sharpen up a gentleman's wardrobe with some handsome accessory options.  A subscription to this box would make a terrific gift for any guy who wants to (or needs to) up his wardrobe game!

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