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Pet Gift Box Review, March 2016 + 50% Discount on First Box!

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.”

Dean Koontz (author)

I couldn't agree more!  Dogs bring an indefinable quality to our lives. Besides their sterling character, they provide steadfast loyalty, love and unflinching adoration. Of all the subscription boxes out there, it's not much of a stretch to say the dog boxes are the MOST deserved! We've tried several of them around here but Pet Gift Box consistently sends fun and tasty treats that delight my boys Tucker and Dakota.

Pet Gift Box sends themed monthly boxes containing premium pet products for dogs or cats.  They offer discounts for longer term subscriptions and shipping is always free. Available pricing plans are:

Month to month - $28.99
Three months - $23.99
Six months -  $20.99
Twelve months - $18.99

Pet Gift Box comes in a big red box with a gift tag hand addressed to Tucker on the outside. (Dakota has joined my tribe since we started this subscription so I need to go to the site and update the shipping information.)

The theme for March is "Stand-Up Comedy".  It really is amazing how well they source pet products around various themes with just the right mix of treats and toys.

Here are the goodies:

The "Woof-Out-Loud" information card gives a little info about each item on one side and provides social media contacts on the other side.

Let's get the worst over with first!  Of course, this disgusting "Funny Bone" (Ha!) crown knuckle will be the hands down favorite of both Tucker and Dakota. They are exceptionally good about sharing and this huge thing will last a long, long time in my back yard.  Trust won't be coming in the house!

What better mascot for this box than a Bozo the Clown squeaky toy from Multipet? He has a squeaker in his head and another one in his stomach.  Dakota, my bigger boy, will love this. Poor Bozo's red hair is not likely to survive the first ten minutes though!

Here is a box of Doggy Delirious Apple Cinnamon Bones which are natural wheat free treats. I have a feeling these will be a hit with the four legged population here.

I particularly like getting training treats, which are small bites that pack a LOT of motivation. Dakota has been working on sitting up and begging when he wants something rather than fully extending on his hind legs and dancing for his dinner. (cute but sometimes hazardous for both of us) He's doing quite well thanks to rewards like these Lick-Out-Loud Peanut Butter treats.

The second toy is a toothy rubber grin squeaky toy.  It has a handle with a squeaker inside and there's another squeaker in the mouth.  I'll proceed with caution on this one since Dakota is likely to dismantle it in seconds.  (For a rubber toy, it is tougher than most.)

That's it for the March box.  I thought Pet Gift Box did a wonderful job of finding toys and treats that work with the clown theme.  These are all things that one or the other or both of my dogs will absolutely love.

If your pup could use a Pet Gift Box, click here to get 50% off your first box!  This is a terrific deal for new customers and I think you will be quite pleased with what you get.  Your dog will be ecstatic!

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