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Adore Box Review, March 2016 + 50% off Discount Code!

Adore Box is a subscription service that sends mostly beauty and skincare items for $15 a month (less for longer terms, but I do not recommend those).  Although there are a LOT of red flags with this one, it is still a good buy especially when you use the half off discount mentioned below.

Red flag #1 is found on the site when you are asked to indicate a shirt or top size during the ordering process and there are pictures of handbags on the various term length buttons. This subscription is NOT ABOUT tops or purses!  In the six months I've been subscribed, I have NEVER received any clothing item or accessory.  My boxes/mailers have included ONLY cosmetics with an occasional random item like a car freshener or chocolate drink mix. 

Since my last review, Adore Boxes have started arriving in small bubble mailers rather than boxes. The return address on the mailer is "Ubukata Nation" and that is also the name that appears on your credit card statement...a fact that has caused me a lot of wasted time and confusion in trying to identify the charge.  It is absolutely inexplicable to me why any subscription company would not clearly brand their shipments with the same name that is used on their website and that customers recognize.

Red Flag #2 is that there is no information card or flyer whatsoever.  I understand that the low price necessitates running this subscription on a shoestring but how hard is it to include a piece of paper that shows a brief list of the contents?  This is especially important when one or more items are minimally marked samples.  Here is what was in the mailer:

The highest value item in this shipment is a Soft Focus True face color from bareMinerals.  This product is not boxed and the exact shade is not on the bareMinerals website but it does appear to be full sized. (actually larger than the sizes shown for $21). This alone is probably worth more than the price of the subscription this month.

There is a tiny sample of L'Oreal Hip High Intensity Pigment in shade 108 "Irresistable". I've never really understood what pigments are for; I think they are intended for use on the eyes (if so, why aren't they just called "eyeshadows"?) but the shimmery pinkish bronze shade of this one means it will only end up on my cheeks.  It is a lovely subtle color.

Another sample is this tiny pump spray containing Eau de Star which is an eau de toilette from Thierry Mugler.  This has an unusual sweet baby powder and vanilla scent...strong when first applied but quickly wears down to a nice wearable fragrance.

I think this Glossy Tint chubby stick in "Knockout Red" from Victoria's Secret is probably a discontinued item but it is full size and completely sealed.  Although reds in general can be quite aging, the color is not overwhelming and really livens up the face. This is light and easy to apply and has a very nice moisturizing feel on the lips. 

This 5 Minute Beauty Peel from Derma Silk is probably another discontinued item. It is a trial size box with a small quarter oz. tube inside.  This is an enzyme mask used for deep cleaning and brightening the skin. There's not much product here and I don't expect much in the way of results.

For me, the two winners here are the bareMinerals face color and the Victoria's Secret lip tint.  The value of these two alone easily exceeds the cost of the "box". While not exciting, the other three products are worth a try and are things I haven't received before.

If you're considering Adore Box, be sure to check out their Facebook page.  I hate to say it but all indicators point to a fading subscription.  The price is just too low to be sustainable for the concept and the lack of obvious (and cheap) forms of branding is hard to understand. Red flag #3 is that none of the company's recent posts talk about Adore Box at all; they're all promoting a sister company. Red flag #4 is that there are a lot of complaints and questions posted by subscribers to which no responses have been posted.

Having said all that...if you're still interested, the code HALFOFF is good for a 50% discount. That makes the price of the first month a real bargain at just $7.50. Unfortunately, the branding inconsistencies, lack of customer service and website confusion suggest using great caution at signing up on more than a month to month basis.  


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