Tuesday, November 11, 2014

KitNipBox Cat Subscription Box Review, November 2014 + 15% Discount Code!

One of the earliest boxes to arrive each month is KitNipBox.  If you missed our last review where my fe-lion Lili and I reviewed her box, you can check it out here.  Since that post contained all the plan information and pricing, I won't repeat that here. We receive their medium sized box, called the "Happy Cat Box", which usually contains five or six items.

In the past 48 hours, the temperature has dropped dramatically where we live so Lili's primary interest is staying warm.  I have a small space heater pointed directly at one of the many pet beds around here and she stays glued to that all day...so much so that it is hard to interest her in much else. So I'm somewhat on my own with this review!  

KitNip's November kitty goodies arrived packaged in burgundy tissue with a colorful fall themed sticker on top. Also inside is a welcome card.

Underneath the tissue, all the items are inside an organza bag, an attractive and creative way to package them!

First out is one of the most unique kitty toys I've ever seen.  This is a Catnip Filled Door Bouncer by Planet Pleasures, which makes fair trade eco-friendly products that are made by indigenous craftspeople. This is a handwoven palm leaf toy that provides all sorts of kitty entertainment and stimulation.    

Here's how it's meant to be used...hung from a doorknob.  It bounces tantalizingly, the last few inches are filled with catnip and there are wisps of feathers and raffia on the ends.  How much more fun could one toy provide a kitty?  Heck, I wanna play with this thing!

Next we have Lili's favorite item in any box...the snacks.  (She is her Mommy's girl!) This is a 3 oz. package of Smart 'n Tasty Feline Dental Treats which promote clean kitty teeth.  Since they are made with salmon, I'm not sure they are going to improve her breath much!

As a side note, I've been really glad to see that most of the pet subscription boxes are making it a priority to source "Made in the U.S.A." snacks and foods as indicated by the U.S. flag somewhere on the package.  With the recent controversy regarding foreign made pet snacks and foods (particularly from China), it is comforting to know that these boxes are sending the best snacks and treats for our four footed children.

There is a single Clean Face Ear & Eye Wipe by Jean Paul in the box which is intended for cleaning around kitty's eyes and ears.  I'm guessing a lot of cats would take offense at such attention but I think Lili will enjoy it.  She loves anything to do with rubbing or patting around her head so I bet she'll just see this as a glorified form of petting. (She's one of the few cats I've ever seen who has no problem letting me clip her nails....she does turn into "Jello", which makes it hard to hold her upright, but she does not otherwise resist.)

There is a fun little catnip filled apple slice made of felt by Beadle Bop & Company. This is a handcrafted item from what I think is an Etsy store.  Very cute!

Another adorable little toy is this small stuffed mushroom which is also filled with catnip. Interesting that with all this catnip around, I can't smell it at all!  This is the toy that most interested Lili initially and that you can see in the bed with her up above.

That's all from our November KitNipBox. I was really pleased with everything, especially that ingenious doorknob bouncer! They do a great job of curation and it's just a nice thing to do for the feline members of your family. 

Sadly, I think this will be our last KitNipBox. As I've mentioned before, Lili is a senior citizen now and she really doesn't play anymore. Sleeping and following me around waiting for a lap to form are her major hobbies these days. Since these boxes are largely filled with fun toys, we really aren't able to get enough value to justify continuing the subscription. Having said that, if you have a cat or kitten who has not yet retired, I'm sure you'll both get a lot of enjoyment from a KitNipBox!  

If you and your kitty would like to try KitNipBox, use the codes SURPRISE, PRINCESS15 or KNB15 for a 15% discount off your first box.   

Right on cue, Lili just arrived in my lap at the computer keyboard. She never fails to remind me when it is time for her "little bitty kitty treats".  This isn't a great photo but it's a view that I'm guessing many of you who are reading this have seen frequently.  The message is crystal clear, isn't it?



funnynotfunnyyes said...

I purchased my first KitNipBox in August. They included a mylar streamer wand toy, made by Ethical Products. My beautiful, healthy 8 1/2 year old cat some how got a hold of the toy and ate the streamers off. He died shortly after having surgery to remove them. KitNipBox'es contain unsafe toys. They still partner with Ethical Pet Products, who have not just one, but many unsafe cat toys. Just look around on Amazon, and you can see how Ethical Products toys have killed cats, and many other have had to have surgery.

Please, do not use mylar toys. These are slowly going off the market, because of the huge danger they pose for cats. It's basically thick tinsel. Ethical Products, and KitNipBox still think it's fine to use mylar toys. My best friend is dead because of it. My sweet Latte died alone, and scared in a cage. He deserved so much better than that.

Lone Star Shopper said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your precious kitty! My Lili is a senior citizen and really doesn't play with toys so I didn't know about the issue with mylar. I don't believe we had any mylar toys for her when she was younger so this problem never arose. Hopefully, the companies that make kitty toys will get the message and get those products off the market.

Thank you so much for your contribution to this blog! And please accept my condolences for the loss of your boy.