Monday, November 17, 2014

Flicker Box Candle Subscription Review, November 2014 + 10% Discount Code!

Here in the frozen tundra of North Texas, where it was in the mid 90's two weeks ago, it seems like a really good time to check out a candle subscription service. (It is 16 degrees outside and my heater chose NOW to cease functioning!  Yes, I'm sitting here in a parka blogging.)

Flicker Box recently ran a three month subscription deal through Gilt City so I decided to give them a try. Each month, they send a variety of artisanal candles sourced from all over the U.S. Handmade candles can also be purchased a la carte on their site although I noticed that quite a few of them were marked "Sold Out". Flicker Box offers several subscription options with discounts for longer term subscriptions:

Monthly - $25 first month, then $34 each month thereafter
Three Months - $102 pre-paid
Six Months - $175 pre-paid
Twelve Months, shipped bi-monthly - $175 pre-paid
Twelve Months, shipped monthly - $320 pre-paid

Shipping is included and you can cancel at any time.  Be sure to check the deal sites (Groupon, Living Social, Gilt City, etc.) for current promotions.

My first Flicker Box arrived by USPS in a flat rate box.  Inside was a plain minimally branded cardboard box tied with a string.

The box contained a LOT of brown crinkle shreds....they actually took up more than half the box.  

There are two cards, one with a 10% discount (see below) and the other with information about the craftspeople behind each of the candles in this box.  They also included a little branded matchbook.

The products inside included one candle in a jar, one small to medium sized unwrapped candle and a boxed set of ten tea lights.  

The largest candle is in a 9 oz. jar with a lid.  This is a soy candle in "Baked Bread" scent from The Burlap Bag, which is a two person business in Austin, TX.  Candle connoisseur that I am, I have received bread-scented candles before...that smell nothing like bread. This one actually DOES smell like baking bread and the label says this will burn for 70+ hours!  I'm not sure this is my favorite scent ever but it is intriguing.

Next is a 5 oz. beeswax candle from Bluecorn Naturals in "Honey Vanilla".  I haven't burned this one yet but it doesn't have much scent.  The label tells about the benefits of beeswax versus paraffin wax, a subject that has been concerning me because I burn so many candles.  This candle has a "holiday" label on it but honestly it doesn't strike me as particularly festive.  Bluecorn Naturals specializes in natural candles and has an interesting website featuring natural candles in various forms.

Last is a boxed set of ten soy tea lights from Going to Grandma's Eco Candle Co. in Wisconsin. These are made from natural soybeans, meaning they are clean burning and last 30-50% longer than a paraffin wax candle.  Each of these tea lights should burn for four hours.  The scents are Homesick (LOVE this, cinnamon plus something else, maybe pumpkin and vanilla), Warm Vanilla, Pumpkin Latte, Oatmeal & Honey and Autumn Walk. I haven't used a lot of tea lights in the past but I also haven't had any of this quality around. They have wonderful seasonal scents and if they smell as good burning as they do unlit, I may have to track down the full sizes.

That is everything in my November Flicker Box. Since I am very guilty of burning too many paraffin wax candles, I was glad to get the education provided about cleaner-burning natural candles. That knowledge will definitely affect my future candle buying habits.

Due to the artisanal nature of the candles, this subscription is somewhat on the expensive side. I am pretty happy with what I received but do hope to see a more festive holiday-themed assortment in December. An update on their Facebook page sounds promising...Christmas Cabin, Frosted Sugar Plums, Bayberry and Peppermint Bark scents are on the way!

If you would like to try Flicker Box, click here and use code FAF288 at checkout for 10% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Also, I believe they did offer a Black Friday deal last year so keep an eye out for that next week.

Now I'm going to light some candles and park myself in front of a space heater (resident canine and feline have been glued to their own personal space heaters since this outage began).

Stay warm!


Disclosure - This post contains no affiliate links.  Product was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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