Friday, February 14, 2014

Treatsie February 2014 Review & 15% Coupon Code

It cannot be a coincidence that my first Treatsie box arrived the day before Valentine's Day! For a confirmed chocoholic, it's not an exaggeration to say that this box of "curated artisan sweets" was my most highly anticipated subscription box this month.

Considering the price ($15 + 4.95 shipping, total $19.95), I was a bit underwhelmed by the contents of the box.  There were only five items:
  • Raley's Confectionary Love Mix, 3 oz.
  • Neo Cocoa Hearts of Chocolate Truffles, 2 pc. box, .08 oz.
  • Eclipse Chocolate Gingerbread Crumb bar, 1 oz.
  • Eclipse Chocolate Cinnamon Brown Sugar bar, 1 oz.
  • Eclipse Chocolate Salted Dulce de Leche bar, 1 oz.

However artisanal these treats may be, 7 ounces of candy for $19.95, even when you count the shipping cost on a 13 oz. box, seems pretty steep to me.  That's even more true when only 4 of those ounces are chocolate.  

Raley's Love Mix is basically a flavored hard sugar candy that comes in several flavors...pomegranate, cinnamon, cherry and cranberry.  Each candy has a cute little picture or word on it.  These are o.k. but remind me of the common ribbon candy that is available in every discount store around the holidays.

The tiny little box of truffles contains one "Almond Butter topped with Smoked Sea Salt".  The other is "Zested Lime" which sounds like a very odd combination with bittersweet chocolate.

The three chocolate bars come in dark, milk and white chocolate.  I'm sure they are all good but if you lean towards one type of chocolate as I do (dark only, please) you may have to find another home for a couple of these.

I'll give this subscription service another month but Treatsie is really going to have to step up their game a bit to keep me as a customer.  Although I realize this is more expensive high end candy, this box just didn't provide enough quantity for the price to keep me interested. 

Use coupon code "SWEETDEAL" to get 15% off the February sweets at  This code expires at the end of this month.

Happy Valentine's Day.....and have some chocolate!


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