Monday, February 3, 2014

Boxtera February 2014 Review + 10% Discount Code!!

So excited to be reviewing my first Boxtera box!  I signed up on January 25th and the box arrived just nine days later.  Boxtera is a subscription snack service that provides 5 bags of healthy snacks each month.  They make an effort to appeal to different tastes with creative mixes.  Cost is $19.95 per month. (See code information at the bottom.)

My snacks arrived today in an attractive eco-friendly cardboard box with Boxtera's branding on it.

The presentation was very simple, just five bags of snacks and a card showing the snack mixes on the front and identifying them....a good thing as the individual bags are not labeled with the names of the contents.       

Of course, I couldn't wait to taste these so dove right in.  All of these mixes contained ingredients that were new to me, so I tried to keep on open mind.  Please know that I paid for this box myself and have not been compensated in any way for this review, so these are my honest impressions!

Boxtera makes the choices for you and includes snacks in the "sour", "sweet", "salty", "bitter" and "savory" categories.  Full disclosure....I have a serious sweet tooth so my opinions may skew a bit in that direction.

First I tried the Wasabi Bean Medley, the "bitter" selection in this group.  Wasabi is an acquired taste but I think it added just the right amount of heat to this mix.  Lots of good crunchy sesame sticks, peas and many things I couldn't identify in this one.  Really liked it!

Next up was the "sour" selection, the Mango Chews.  My first impression was that they certainly don't look as appetizing as they do in the photo on the card.  I'm not a big fan of mangoes, but these were pretty good and nicely chewy.

I was and still am nervous about consuming the Toasted Watermelon Seeds, the "salty" option. Just seems like something you shouldn't eat.  The taste isn't bad but honestly, I had a hard time swallowing these and had to spit the last bit out.  I am curious as to the actual nutritional value of these. Definitely not something I'd repeat.

I was a little taken aback by the appearance of the Banana Ribbons.  I like bananas in all their forms but had never seen them presented like this before.  Kinda strange looking but they have a nice mild banana flavor and are a little chewy.

Last was the Honey Almond Crunch, the "savory" selection.  This was, hands down, my favorite. This mix is full of things I like....bits of fruit, nuts, sesame sticks, peanuts and almonds...all with a light honey coating.  I would have been happy if all five bags had been this one!  YUM!

Here's how I'd rank order this month's Boxtera selections:

1.  Honey Almond Crunch (no surprise!)

2.  Wasabi Bean Medley
3.  Banana Ribbons
4.  Mango Chews
5.  Toasted Watermelon Seeds

Overall first impressions:


  • Speed of delivery after first ordering on-line
  • Creativity and good diversity of selections in each box
  • Quality of ingredients
  • Good healthy "no guilt" snacks
  • Generous servings
  • Nice packaging
  • Price is reasonable for what you get
  • Nutrition information and ingredients are not listed on the bags.  This information is on their site but it should be on the packages as well.
  • No choice about what you get
  • There seems to be a glitch on the site when you try to set up password access.  I contacted them about this a week and a half ago but it still has not been fixed.  Since I can't access my account, I'm not sure if you can "veto" snacks that you don't like so they won't be included in future orders.
I enjoyed exploring this box and especially like having some healthy snacks around the house.  I intend to stay with Boxtera for now!

If you would like to try Boxtera, use the code "NOMTOGETHER" to get 10% off your first box.

Happy snacking!


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