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Love With Food February 2014 Box Review + Promo Codes!

Love With Food is an all natural organic subscription snack service.  The snacks they send are hard-to-find and the boxes often have a seasonal theme.  For every box they sell, they donate one or two meals to a food bank (depending on which size box is chosen). At the time of this writing, their site says they have donated more than 156,000 meals, which I think is impressive!

Love With Food offers two sizes of monthly boxes, the "Tasting Box" and the "Deluxe Box". The Tasting Box features 8+ snacks and the Deluxe box features 16 to 20 snacks a month. Pricing for the Tasting Box ranges from $10 to $12 a month, depending on the length of subscription you choose and pricing for the Deluxe Box ranges from $17 to $19.95. Shipping is free and you can cancel at any time.

The site also has a shop where full-size products featured in the monthly boxes can be ordered. There is a point system with many different ways to earn points.  Points can be applied towards the purchase of items in the shop.  For every 1,000 points you earn, you get $10 off a full-size product.

I ordered the Tasting box, which arrived about two weeks after I ordered it.  Here's what the box looks like:

There are nine food products inside and one Valentine's related extra.  There is also a coupon for a free "Build Your Own Meal" kit from Revolution Foods.  This is redeemable at Whole Foods, HEB, Target and a few other grocery stores.  There is a 20% off coupon for an on-line organic popcorn company called 479degrees (the name refers to the optimal temperature for popping popcorn). I checked and their popcorn products are expensive; it would have been nice to get a sample in the box before committing to a purchase from that site. Also, the coupon expires within two weeks of receipt so I wonder how many LWF subscribers will actually have a chance to use it?  The information card gives a very basic description of each product in the box.  

The February box contained a package of Beanitos (White Bean with Sea Salt) and a package of Honey Graham Sticks.  The Beanitos are light and crispy and taste a lot better than I expected.  The Honey Graham Sticks taste pretty much like a regular graham cracker but are a lot smaller.

Next is a small package of pitted snack olives.  I wasn't sure what to expect from these, but I like green olives and these are good.  But there are only six of them in the package! There is also a 1 oz. package of Emily's dark chocolate covered blueberries.  Haven't tried them yet but they can't be bad if dark chocolate is involved.

There are two little Gavottes candies which are crispy dark chocolate wafer things. ("crispy lace crepes" according to the site)  Very light and absolutely delicious.  I could easily polish off 10 of these in one sitting! They may well inspire me to get busy earning some points so I can buy a full size package from the LWF store.  I definitely need more than two of them.  There are also two small pieces of chocolate by is called Mokaccino (a mocha milk chocolate) and the other is dark chocolate.  Candy = good!

There is a piece of chocolate chip biscotti and to add a little Valentine festivity, LWF included a big red heart-shaped logo chip clip....a useful item for anybody's kitchen.

All in all, the contents of this box are better than I expected after my first look.  There is a good mix of sweet and savory and most of these are tastier than they initially appeared.

It is difficult to find current promo codes for Love With Food but I located a couple of them.  I believe these will work but don't know how long they are good for.  If you find that one or both of these codes have expired, please comment below and I will update this post.  Try entering "FB7OFFER" or "YUMMY" in the Promo Code box when you sign up. If you would like, you can use my referral link to take you straight to the site:

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