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Amor Naturals Bath & Body Box Review, Spring 2016 + FREE Shipping!

For sheer bath and body decadence, you can't beat Amor Naturals.  Their quarterly boxes contain four or five (usually five, in my experience) deluxe sample sized organic and natural handmade luxury products. This is an elegant box with a price ($19.99 + $4.99 shipping) that is on the high side compared to other similar subscriptions. The boxes arrive at the start of each season and are generally themed. The Spring 2016 box is already sold out but if you sign up now, you can get the summer box which starts shipping in June.

Spring's box is pale blue with gold lettering.  The theme is "Coconut Rose".  

There are five products inside, all quite small.  

The information card introduces the theme on one side and provides use instructions plus full size prices on the other side. Some of the products are available in full sizes in their on-line store; however, I don't see a single full size product from the Spring box at the time of this post.  (Looks like only six of the twelve products listed are available at all; hard to understand! Amor Naturals' products are either made in extremely limited quantities, snapped up immediately or a combination of both.)

This little pot contains a sample of Coconut Rose Exfoliating Mask which is for use on the face once or twice a week.  You can see the coconut flakes in this and it smells exactly as you'd expect, like a light coconut plus rose fragrance.  The amount of product here is probably good for three or four applications.

This one ounce bottle contains Rose Brightening Essence.  Applied to a clean face, this helps even out skin tone and provides hydration.  It has a fairly strong rose scent.

Here is a very small packet of Rose Coconut bath salts.  I love that there are visible botanicals but honestly, this isn't enough to do much good in my bathtub. For the price, they really should have included more.  This might adequately scent a foot bath!

This Coco Mint Lip Scrub is quite textured and minty tasting.  When I first applied it, the product disintegrated into a mess on my lips.  It was too soft to hold its shape long enough to apply properly.  I'll stick it in the refrigerator and try again tomorrow because this really isn't usable in stick form right now.

The final product is a small pot of Coconut Rose Moisture Balm which is super concentrated and melts on contact with your hands and body.  Again, there isn't much here but this one will probably last longer than any of the other samples.  It has a very subtle coconut rose scent.

I hate to say so but I was somewhat disappointed with this box.  There is no denying the quality; the products are exquisite.  The problem is quantity for price paid and lack of availability of these items in full sizes.  I think the purpose of this box is to introduce Amor Naturals' products via samples but if the full sizes aren't available, then what's the point?  

Having said that, it's always nice to try out luxury bath and body items. This is probably as close as many of us will get to an at-home spa experience.  If you would like to try Amor Naturals, use the code FREESHIP15 to get free shipping (worth $4.99) on your first box. You'll definitely get more product in other boxes but there's an undeniable charm factor with Amor Naturals.

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