Friday, April 25, 2014

Treatsie April 2014 Review Plus GREAT Discount Codes!!!

Treatsie is one year old this week.  They are a subscription box company that sends a few artisan sweets each month from three or four small independent vendors. Pricing is's $15 plus $4.95 S&H per month.  This is NOT a subscription service where you're going to get a retail value that is much higher than the price you pay. They say that the retail value is usually about $20-$25, not including shipping.  You basically get what you pay for with this one.  Having said that, the quality of Treatsie snacks is outstanding!

April's box included four delectable sweets.  Let's don't kid ourselves....I intend to snack my way through this review!

The biggest item in the box is an 8 oz. package of Lemon Sugar Cookies by the Grey Ghost Bakery. These are all natural and made from scratch.  If you've read my blog for very long, you probably know that I don't usually care for packaged cookies.  Also, lemon would not be my first choice.  BUT...these are absolutely wonderful.  They are quite soft and melt in your mouth. According to the fine print on the package, they are "hand-topped with pearlized sugar and baked with candied lemon zest", probably what makes them so good. This package retails for $9.  I'm tempted to go to their website ( and try out one of their other flavors, such as chocolate espresso or cinnamon pecan.  Yum....just YUM!

Next came four quarter ounce "Brix Chocolates for Wine Pairing" packaged in a cute brown organza drawstring bag (not pictured).  These were designed specifically to be paired with different wine varietals...the idea being that the natural tannins in the cocoa prime the palate for the tannins in the wine. These even come with a small leaflet with instructions on how to conduct a tasting and recommended chocolate/wine pairings.  Whatever.  As for me, just bring on the chocolate! 

Then we have a sample bag of Peanut Butter Bites by "Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery".  Is that the best business name ever?  These are crispy, salty, peanut buttery, dark chocolate covered a gourmet version of Reese's Pieces.  Need I say more?

The final treat also comes from "Hot Cakes".  This is called a "Bling Bling".  It is an artisan version of a Hostess Ding Dong....the world's BEST Ding Dong, I must say.  This is a "moist, dark chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate buttercream, then hand-dipped in organic 55% dark chocolate".  These actually retail for $5 apiece.  

It's rare for me to like EVERYTHING that comes in a food subscription box so this Treatsie box is an exception. I especially like the emphasis on dark chocolate which I much prefer to milk chocolate. I wish Treatsie would put a bit more in these boxes but I certainly can't complain about the quality or selection I've received so far.

If you'd like to try Treatsie, click here.  Try WELCOME44 to get $10 off your first order or FIRSTBOX44, which I believe will get your first box for the shipping cost only.

Now, please excuse me.  I think I need to go and be alone with that Bling Bling for a while!


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