Thursday, November 5, 2015

Surprise My Pet Review, October 2015 + 10% Discount!

My pup Tucker and I recently discovered a new dog sub box called Surprise My Pet. After a little negotiation, it was agreed that I would pay for the box and he would model the included costume.  As the photos attest, this was a grudging compromise but the payoff (treats) got his cooperation.

Surprise My Pet is $25 a month with discounts for longer term subscriptions; however, there is currently a great Groupon deal where the first box is just $12.99.  When signing up, you can choose your dog's size (less than 10 lbs., 10-20 lbs., 20 to 50 lbs. or 50+ lbs.) so that the box can be customized for your dog.  Each box contains 4 to 6 toys and treats.  The treats are mostly natural and organic and a portion of the proceeds goes to dog charities.  Boxes ship on the 24th of each month.

This cheery yellow branded box with a paw print pattern arrived by USPS Priority mail 17 days after placing the order. 

Under the lid, the goods were wrapped in Halloween themed paper...clearly, we were in for some treats.

The box held a doggie Halloween costume, two toys and one treat. 

The card has a "Happy Halloween" graphic on one side and this very strange little pet "play" about a dog and cat trick or treating on the other side.

This cute bone squeaker toy is bright orange and made of a soft velour type material. Spider webs are embroidered on each side and there's a stuffed purple spider attached to the center.    

As I've mentioned before, Tucker values things he can chew or chase.  Crunchy rabbit chews are one of his favorite treats.  This will be reserved for a very special after dinner indulgence.  I have no doubt Tucker can burn through this in less than 10 minutes.

What pup could resist a giant stuffed bloodshot eyeball with bouncy legs? The squeaker inside this thing is HUGE!  It will also make a great throw toy.

Seems like every dog box this year has contained sweet potato based treats.  These are called Puptato Chips.  I think Tucker will like these but I'm a little worried as he rejected the last big bag of sweet potato treats he received. Not sure what makes him gobble some and refuse others.

The FAQ's on Surprise My Pet's site indicate that costumes are often included in their boxes. If so, that is the main thing that will distinguish them from other pet boxes. This time we got a cute pumpkin costume. It's a tight fit on Tucker so there's no way it would fit a larger dog in his weight range. (He weighs 24 lbs. which puts him in the "Medium" size range of 20 to 50 lbs.) As you can see, more of him is outside the costume than in it but he was a good sport!

"....the things I do for you..."
Despite the expression, Tucker is a great trick or treater.  Our neighborhood gets hundreds of kids every Halloween and he loves standing out in the street in his costume and greeting them, especially the littlest kids! It's amazing to see the instant bond that occurs when he meets a person who is not much bigger than he is.

Surprise My Pet is a fun dog subscription with quality toys and treats. If you and your pup want to check them out, click here for a 10% discount on your order.  If you're ready to commit to the annual plan, the code PUPSRULE will get $25 off the total price.  I am not sure how much longer the Groupon deal will be available but if you can take advantage of that, don't forget to sign in through eBates and pick up an additional 6% cash back.

Wonder if Tucker will be a little Turkey Wiener next month? (He can hardly wait...ha!)


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